Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Time for Muscle

So I said it last week, but I am NOW officially back on the wagon.  
Another new month and another fresh start.  Bring on summer time!  
I am completely over the fat girl that has taken over my body for the past few weeks.  
You would think I would have stopped binge eating after a couple days, but no I went hardcore on this downward spiral.  
That is alright though because it is out of my system and thank you Jesus the damn Easter candy is out of my house. 
 I stocked up on lots of lean meat, fruit, and veggies yesterday at the store so I am set and I have no excuses to eat poorly. 
 I have been looking into different muscle building programs because as much as I know about working out, I want a set program that will work all of my muscles.  
So, today I am starting Jamie Eason's 12 week program. 
 It seems pretty easy to follow and the workouts are not going to take me all day to complete.  They seem very reasonable and they will work all muscles.
  I'm also going to follow the meal plans to get optimum results.  The meal plans definitely go back to the basics: 5-6 small meals a day, limit carbs, no sugar, and pretty much just eat clean.  
In college I got up to about 185lbs, it was the freshman 50 for me, and during my junior year I decided to get back in shape.  One night, I woke up at about 3am and turned on the TV.  I saw an infomercial about the 6 week body makeover and ordered it. 
 Yes, as a poor college student I spent $50 or so on a diet, but it really wasn't a diet. 
 It wasn't a quick fix and it wasn't pills.  It found my body type and then laid out the foods I should be eating and when to eat them.  
Pretty much it was the same as the program I am starting today.  I had awesome results with it in college and I did not work out so I'm hoping for some rock hard results at the end of this 12 weeks.  
I'm going to update every Wednesday with a  weigh in, body pictures, and if I feel any progress with the work outs and food.  Since it is a 12 week program, I 'm going to take measurements monthly because those are the ones that are most important to me and they take time to change.  
I'll be back Wednesday with my beginning stats and pics.  
I've seen lots of posts about 30DS, April challenges, and other awesome work outs...what are you doing for yourself in April?


  1. Good luck with your new challenge!! I'm stepping things up in April too & going to rock out my Insanity & really try to start eating clean!

  2. Excited to see your results with her program!

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