Monday, August 13, 2012

Cheat days

I have been contemplating having 1 cheat day a week.  I go back and forth on the subject because there are pros and cons to it.  I think I am set on one cheat day per week, but it is not an all out eat everything in sight type of cheat day.  That will just make me gain back whatever I lose during the rest of the week.  It is going to be one meal and I am not going to eat until I am sick and full.  Therefore, I will be clean eating about 90% of the time, but still get to indulge on the bad, processed foods a little.  It really isn't the indulging that I care is the non preparing for 1 meal that I will get to do.  So really it is just me being lazy.

Sundays are usually spent at my parents house after church and they have some sort of lunch planned out.  Other people come over to enjoy lunch as well, so they have not been clean meals because I am the only one eating this way.  This will take some planning on my part because I need to make sure I think through my 1 cheat meal according to what I have going on to ensure it is only one per week.  I have a birthday party next Saturday night so that will be it for this week.

Just some random thoughts about cheat days with my eating clean.  On another note...I ran 8 miles yesterday and my legs were so tired the second half of the run.  I had a good pace for the first 4 and then quickly slowed after that.  It took everything out of me to keep my legs going.  I think it is because all of my running this summer has been 4 miles or less on any given day.  It was hard, but felt good to accomplish it.  Today, my whole body is sore so I am going to try and get a workout in if it doesn't kill me.

Work starts again tomorrow...UGH!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Same Shit different day...

So, I have not really been posting any blogs lately because it is still the same ole' shit, different day.  Who wants to hear about the same thing everyday?  So I won't put you through the same whining and blah blah blah.  

I will tell you that I'm back on track and have gone back to "clean" eating.  Last time I was clean eating, I had the greatest amount of change with my body so why not do what works, right?  The biggest challenge for me with clean eating is being prepared.  If I don't have all of the ingredients or stuff to snack on then I just eat whatever.  I cleaned out some old stuff from my pantry and frig, but not everything...that would be way too much money wasted.  Plus, I know my kids and hubs will eat them.  

Since I must go back to work this week, womp womp womp, I have to start meal planning ahead of time and prepare some recipes early to make the weeknights a little less hectic.  My little one wants to eat right when we get home and if I give him snacks, then he refuses to eat dinner.  

When I find good recipes, I will post them for ya and spare you from the bad ones.  Sometimes "clean" is not too tasty.