Monday, April 29, 2013

Crawfish Boil

We had our annual crawfish boil on Saturday.  
Really it is just an excuse to have people over, eat food, and drink.  
We had a blast! 
My mom made this delicious queso with spinach and jalapeños.  
It just isn't a party without queso at our house.
She also made my favorite dip that tastes just like the Creamy Jalapeño dip from Chuy's.  
OMG...I ate so much of it.  
She said it is on her Pinterest board, but I don't see it.  
When I searched for it, there were lots of copy cat recipes, so try them out.
You will not be disappointed.    
There was lots of...


The kiddos were not amused, except on little girl that took one home as a pet. 
Her mom was thrilled.
Hanging out with BFF's

Thank you everyone for coming!


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  2. Sorry we missed it!!! Glad you guys had a great time! I need to get out of my funk so bad! I miss you!!!