Monday, March 10, 2014

34 Weeks No. 3

How far along? 34 weeks

how are you measuring? 34 Weeks!  How did I go down in the last month?  IDK, but I guess it is good to be back to normal.

size of baby?  About 5 lbs and 18 inches long or the size of a cantaloupe according to baby center.  

heartbeat? about 144 bpm...strong and healthy

sleep? It has started to suck!  I'm pretty sure I'm in the downhill where it isn't going to get better until this baby is out and then she will keep me up all night.  I toss and turn all night, but one turn takes a lot of effort.

Gender predictions? It's a girl!  I'm gonna try and convince the hubs to decide on a name this week because I really want to order some cute little baby things with her name on them.  

What I'm feeling:  It's spring break baby!  While I'm so excited to be home, I'm so busy cleaning out this house.  Spring cleaning(nesting) is in full effect.  Also, we are talking about selling our house so I really have to clean it up to put it on the market.  Ugh, my back already hurts and I've only cleaned for one day.  

How are the other kiddos?  They are doing great!  They are so sweet and I'm so excited for spring.  They love playing outside and it keeps them from whining about being bored.

total weight gain/loss? I've already gone above my maximum amount so I was happy when I got on the scale this morning and it hadn't gone up this week.  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

32 Weeks No. 3

How far along? 32 weeks

how are you measuring? Last week it was 36 weeks.  Baby is absolutely normal size, but fluid levels are a little on the high side.  

size of baby?  About 4.5 lbs and about 16.5 inches long.  

heartbeat? about 144 bpm...strong and healthy

sleep? I've had sinus issues for the past 4 days so I've had a sore throat and nasal congestion.  This has made sleeping horrible.  I dread going to sleep because I know it isn't going to be good.  

Gender predictions? It's a girl!  We are starting to discuss names a little more...she may come sooner than later and I don't want to be completely unprepared.  

What I'm feeling:  Still tired.  I really don't want to go to work, but I have to.  2 more weeks until spring break!  I think I can...I think I can...   

How are the other kiddos?  Chad took Lucas to the ENT and if his snoring doesn't get better with some nasal spray and other medicine, then we may look at taking out his tonsils and adenoids.  His tonsils take up his entire throat.  I'm not sure how he swallows anything.  

total weight gain/loss? We are just going to skip over this ain't good.