Sunday, April 7, 2013

Camping, Easter, and Birthday Celebrations

Whew!  It has been a busy couple of weeks around here.  
Our weekends have been full of friends, birthdays, and camping.  
I didn't do an Easter post so I'm throwing it in this post. 

Last weekend we went camping.  

We love camping and s'mores. 
There is nothing like being able to hang out  outside all day and I don't have to worry about the kiddos.
They are free to run around all they want.
I got in a couple good runs on the trails of 7 miles and 4 miles, but my knees were killing me after so I had to take a few days off after that.
I brought Kaylee back into town to go to her friends birthday.  
With her BFF Madison.   
We dyed Easter eggs.
Poor thing got thrown off the seadoo her first time out.  She now refuses to go with Papa.  That water was freezing! I can't blame was supposed to be a nice leisurely ride. 

This Saturday was full of birthday parties.  We went to one for a kid at school and then headed out for her BFF's party. 

Do you see how adorbs the little apron and hat are? Madison's Mimi is so talented and always comes up with the cutest little ideas.  Thank you Susan!  
Thank you Megan and Madison for another awesome birthday celebration! 
We hope you had a great birthday! 

I will leave you with this cutie that "cut" the grass all afternoon.  
If only it was real... 

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