Saturday, April 20, 2013

OCD and redoing a house?

I have hated certain parts of my house since day 1, but to redo them all takes some money and that shit doesn't grow on trees.
So, I've just been waiting and trying not to look too closely at different things. 
I am OCD with paint lines, cleanliness, painting, and well, let's be honest, probably everything in my life.
I get it from my mama.
I am a perfectionist and competitive.
As a child, nobody needed to witness me lose any sport or "Around the world" in math class.
It wasn't pretty.
Just ask my parents and my 2nd grade teacher.
I feel so sorry for her having to put up with me.
All of these traits bundled in one person causes a lot of unnecessary stress.
And believe me, it makes it hard to live with anyone that isn't the same way.
BTW my husband is not the same.
Clothing on the floor, dishes in the sink, random things not in their "designated" spot doesn't even phase him.
While I am going crazy inside and want to scream.
And do at some points bc I just can't hold it in any longer.
He doesn't get it and after 7 years of marriage, he probably never will.
So, where was I going with this post?
Oh yeah, so my house was built in 1996 so it has some usual wear and tear.
The people before us had small kids and big dogs so there are places on my hardwood floors that are  scratched, the trim around the house has chips in it, the stairs were a mess, and they tried repainting little parts of things to make them look better, but they didn't use the same original paint and sheen.
It stands out like a sore thumb.
Since my house is older, it has the typical "let's make everything white" and hard to clean!
From bathroom sinks, cabinets, tile floors...everything. Ugh
Then lets top it off with every metal piece in gold.  Wow!
You get the picture, right?
All of these things that I need want redone becomes a BIG I might as well sell my house and build a new one exactly like I want.
I would prefer a year of living in an apartment and building one over fixing this one up.
Yet again, money doesn't grow on trees.
Unless you have found one and in that case hook a sista up.
So we are fixing this one and we have made some great improvements so far.
This weekend we are taking on a lot of them.
What does this result in?
My kitchen being off limits(can you say eating out EVERY meal) and my ass going up and down the ladder all day.
At least that is a workout.
I will post some before and after pics next week, maybe.
One project leads to another and I don't know when it will all be done.
But we are having people over next weekend so it has to be done soon.

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