Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is there a difference?

I know this is an odd post, but I am looking for little improvements each month to keep myself motivated.  I went shopping with my mom yesterday and the jeans I tried on were a size bigger than I thought I would be able to fit in so I was feeling a little depressed at the end of it all.  Also, it is so gross to look at my stomach when pulling pants up because the bending over and squishing that occurs looks horrible and I just about vomited in my mouth.  The wrinkled and stretch marked stomach needs to go, but the rest of me is getting better.

 Just in case you didn't notice, I put an updated photo of myself for September.  I was comparing the August and September photos and at first I didn't think they looked different, but then I really took a look and I definitely find differences.  I have only lost 6 lbs from one pic to the next and it might be the outfits, but my mid section is looking better.  In clothes, it doesn't look as flabby and maybe a little flatter.  YAY!!!

Also, my BMI has been "overweight" for as long as I can remember.  So, I looked it up just to see where I stand as of today and I am 1 point away from the "normal" range.  This is only about 5 more pounds! I am so ready to be "normal" again.  HAHAHA!  If that is even possible.  This post isn't intended to look at my faults, but instead to point out the positives.  I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far and intend to do more.  I do feel better about myself when I go out and not ashamed.  I still have areas to improve and so my goals from now through October are to lose 5 lbs and tone up.  My main focus will be on toning and not the weight.  I am really going to try focusing on not being bogged down by the number on the scale.  Do you have any short term goals?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weigh in

Well, this week has been really bad.  I keep a stash of candy at work for my students...although I'm not supposed to give them any.  Shhhh don't tell anyone.  It is amazing the work you can get out of some kids for candy.  LOL  So, I'm supposed to start my "so called" period tomorrow and have been craving sweets really bad.  I had 3 late nights at work this week and nothing makes them better than munching on candy while I work.  I tried to convince myself not to, but it just didn't work out too well.  With all of that being said, I usually lose 2 lbs the week that I start, but this week it was only .8 lbs.  That is the consequence of eating too much candy.

I am back on track as of yesterday and today I'm going shopping.  That has to burn some calories, right?

Current Weight 155 lbs
Lost this week: .8 lbs
Total lost: 16.8 lbs

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weigh In

So, I looked at my previous weeks weigh ins and put them on a calendar.  Funny thing is there is becoming a pattern in the weeks I lose and the weeks I stay the same or gain.  It is kind of cool to see.  It also reassures me during the weeks that I stay the same that it will all work out in the end, especially knowing that the weeks I typically lose are right around the corner and it is just the cycle my body has chosen to follow.

We had some pretty good meals this week.  We had way more leftovers than normal so I only cooked dinner on Sunday and Wednesday.  Talk about saving money, which is my BIG plan for the next year.  I am so tired of spending $100 or more on food each week.  It is ridiculous when I look back at our bills.  It is just food and there are better things I could be spending money on.  Check back later today or tomorrow for my meal plans this coming week.

Current Weight: 155.8 lbs
Weight Lost this week: 2.2 lbs
Total Lost:  16 lbs

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Balsamic Chicken

I made this recipe tonight and it was soooooo good.  It was really easy to throw together and then it just cooked on its own all day.  I served it with whole wheat/grain pasta and salad.  Everyone enjoyed it and it had a really good flavor.  I ate it without the pasta, but if I were making it again I would serve it with brown rice because it was a little runny.  I'm trying to stay away from pasta and rice even if it is whole wheat because I tend to gain weight eating it even in small portions.  Try it out...I promise you will be happy you did.

Also, I made these, but they were not as good as I hoped.  Don't get me wrong, they are definitely still edible and tasty just not like good ole' chocolate chip cookies.  Ok, I think I just realized that I put too much oatmeal in them...Oh well.  I guess I will have to try them again.

Mmmmmmm and Meal Plans

So, I ate about 2 lbs of rice, beans, and tortillas last night and had to make myself stop before my stomach exploded.  They were so good and it took care of the mexican food craving I have had for a few weeks.  I knew that if I didn't eat it then, I would end up at Chuy's in the next few days eating.  No surprise, my hands are swollen and I gained 1 lbs just last night.  So, now it is time to plan out my meals for this week and hit up the grocery store.  Here is my dinner meal plans for this week.

Sunday-Balsalmic Crock Pot Chicken and steamed veggies
Monday- Leftovers
Tuesday- Pork Carnitas/Tacos with black beans
Thursday-Applesauce Chicken and steamed veggies

I always tend to cook a lot and K doesn't eat what I make so we typically have leftovers the next night unless I take it for lunch or it turns out gross.  It makes it easier on me to only cook every other night during the week.  What are your meal plans this week?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Weigh In

Well, I gained .6 lb this week.  Like I said a few days ago, I don't know what is happening, but I thought I would be truthful and blog the gain.  I'm not happy about it and in my frustration I am going to give up for today.

My family is in town and they are cooking up some good, homemade mexican food tonight, so I'm going to dig in and ditch the clean eating.  If there is a time to not eat clean, then this is it and I'm taking full advantage of it.  You can't beat mexican food made by my aunt and grandmother.  YUMMY!  I will be back on track tomorrow.  Although, I will probably be swollen, pissed off, and 2 more pounds heavier.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Current Weight: 158 lbs
Weight GAINED this week: .6 lbs
Total weight lost: 13.8 lbs

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Frustrated Again...

So, I'm going to vent about my frustration to you ladies because I know that you love me and it will get it off my chest.  My body does not make any sense.  As you all know the past 2 weeks I was doing great and averaged a 2 lbs loss each week.  Well, I know it isn't weigh in day, but I have now gained .6 lbs and I have not changed anything.  I am eating and doing the same things.  It just irritates me that one week I lose, but then all of a sudden I start gaining.  I would understand if I went out and ate like a crazy woman and believe me I have had lots of opportunities.  When I gain for no reason it makes me want to just eat like crazy and give up.

I know that it will come off and that I just need to keep doing what I am doing, so I 'm typing this out while I am pissed and I am going to move on.  So I'm taking a deep breathe and thinking good thoughts.  Today will be a good day and by Saturday, I will lose some weight.  Lets see if I can be down to 156.4 by then...fingers crossed.  

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vegetable Lasagna

This is what I made for dinner tonight.  It was pretty tasty, but I will be making some changes next time.  At least it made the "next time" list because a lot of my recipes lately have not.  

Here is the recipe from The Gracious Pantry.  I did not make it with TVP because I eat meat everyday so I don't feel like I am lacking any nutrients nor do I need to add any.  I like that it had other veggies in it that I don't usually put in lasagna and you can really add more if you want.  Changes I will make include adding some ground turkey, onion, and garlic the next time I make it.  

I almost forgot about the fudge I made the other day as well.  It was really good, extremely easy, and I love me some chocolate.   I made the mint fudge version, but I think I added a little too much mint, so next time I will add a little less.  Also, I will be putting it in a smaller container because it was really thin and I like for it to be thick.  Try it out, but don't blame me when you want to eat the whole dish.   

Happy Eating!  

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Weigh In

I am finally doing something right because I am down 2 lbs this week.  I'm not quite sure how it is different then what I had been doing a few weeks ago when my body sat at 161 for 2 weeks.

Luckily, my schedule at work is great for eating every 2 hours.  I eat once I get to work, then I have a conference 3rd period(so 2 hours later) and then lunch 6th period(another 2 hours later).  Since I have been so busy getting things done during that time, I just eat a small meal and work work work.  Therefore, I don't overeat and that really helps my classes run smoother because I am not stuffed.  It is amazing how much easier it is to talk and teach all period when you aren't pregnant or have as much fat weighing you down.  I can breathe!

Also, this week my dinners have SUCKED so I have been pretty much eating my new favorite oatmeal...Yum.  An easy food that I can easily calculate calories.

How is your week going?  I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend.  Don't over indulge, unless you are Megan an plan on burning 800 calories a day.  I still don't know how you do it.  One day I will grow up to be like you.

Current weight: 157.4
Weight Lost this week: 2 lbs
Total Lost: 14.4 lbs

Friday, September 2, 2011

My New Addiction

Since all of my clean recipes for dinner lately have been so yucky, I have been having to eat something else and it has to be quick because I already wasted my whole evening cooking stuff that was totally disgusting.  That new quick food is now something I crave every night and I don't really care about cooking anything else.  What is it?  Good old fashioned oatmeal.  Poor Chad just gets to find his own food some nights because I don't cook and I make myself some oatmeal.  Weeknights are so busy and I am so exhausted when I come home.

I love oatmeal with agave instead of honey, because the honey seems to give it a little bit of an odd taste.  Agave nectar sweetens it up without the nasty aftertaste of honey.   After the agave, I add some cinnamon and voila a yummy bowl of deliciousness that also cuts my sweet tooth in the evenings.

I know I could eat my oatmeal in the morning, but then I would have to cook for dinner and I love eating my whole grain bread with peanut butter for breakfast.  I have found myself in a routine with certain foods, but I'm still loving them so that is all that matters.

What is your favorite food or meal?  I always like to hear and try new recipes.