Saturday, July 30, 2011

I wish I had a scale!

I HATE not being able to weigh myself in the morning.  It messes up my whole day and makes me think about every little thing.  UGHHHH...So, we are in Austin with the in-laws and they probably have a scale in their bathroom, but I get up like 4 hours before any of them so I can't just go in there and weigh myself.  So, I'm sitting here drinking my coffee pondering the massive amount of salty food I ate last night and what it has done to the scale.  It probably isn't pretty, but at least I would know where I stand.  I am going to do better today and tonight when I go out for yummy mexican food, I will not over eat!  

Maybe I should wake up Chad and give him Lucas so I can go run.  Crap, I just remembered that I did not bring my headphones, garmin watch, or ipod mini.  I guess I will have to run like the good ole' days and just do it with myself, clothing, a running shoes.  

Well, I will weigh in on Tuesday, cross my fingers for that 10 lbs loss this month and post a new picture for August.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weigh In Tuesday 7/26

I said I wasn't going to weigh in today because it is a gain, but then I felt bad.  Isn't that the point of this blog?  I'm supposed to blog my ups and downs and make sure there are more downs.  If I don't blog about it all then I am CHEATING and my competitive nature tells me that I cannot win by cheating!

Yesterday was better and I am still improving.  I really wanted to lose a total of 10 this month, so I am really going to buckle down with eating and hope to lose 3 lbs by Monday.  We are going to Austin this weekend, so it is going to be hard.

Current Weight: 165 lbs
Weight GAINED since Saturday: 1 lb
Total weight Lost: 6.8 lbs

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ugh...bad week

Well, I will go ahead and say that I am NOT weighing in tomorrow.  It is going to be bad, real bad.  It will be my first GAIN since I began this blog.  We spent all day Saturday at my parents house because my brother came in town with his friends.  Lets just say my mom and dad do not have healthy food in their house and I cannot say no to their breakfast tacos.  They are so yummy!

Now for the TMI...don't read if you don't want to know too much.  I had pretty bad cramps starting last Friday until this morning.  I have mirena and have never had a "period" or cramps since it was inserted, so it has been a really long time since I've had to experience them.  FYI-The good thing about not having a period is I don't really have too much of an urge to over-eat really bad during that "time of the month".  I went back to my old ways and ate a lot of fattening, sugary food.  Cramps and good food just go together.  So here I am 3 lbs heavier, hopefully one 2 lbs by tomorrow morning.

I'm sure if I went running it would come off, but I just realized that I won't be able to work out for another week.  I'm having a mole cut out EARLY tomorrow morning and they will have to stitch it up.  This sucks, but I can't really complain because I have done it to myself.

Hope you are staying on butt it is getting back in gear!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Weigh In 7/23

Yay, I had over a 1 lb. loss since Tuesday even with the everyday Ben and Jerry's ice-cream.  Thanks honey for keeping it in stock with multiple flavors to choose from.  This week was all about choosing what to use my calories on without going over my limit.  A little closer to my goal...Oh Yeah!

Current Weight: 164.0 lbs
Weight lost since last weigh in: 1.6 lbs
Total Weight Lost: 7.8 lbs

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goal Jeans

I went a little off topic last post about jeans.  Again, I LOVE jeans and shoes, but I'm limited on shoes because I'm a baby when it comes to the pain of heels.  Since school/work is fast approaching, I decided to go through all of my clothing to see what fits and what doesn't.  I have a wide range of sizes in my closet and I really wanted to get a new work wardrobe at the beginning of this year, but I think I need to wait until I get to my goal.  New clothes are my motivation to get there.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I have more options this year with being able to wear almost everything in my closet.  I definitely need more tops, but I can do ok with my current pant selection.  In terms of work pants, I have sizes ranging from size 8 to size 14.  I got rid of the 14's because they are way too big.  The 12's are a little loose, but I can make them work for a little while longer.  10's work, but 1 pair is too snug to pull off all day and not have the lovely muffin top.  I can get a couple pairs of 8's on, but WAY too tight so i need to lose about 10 or 15 lbs to fit those .  So I would say I'm officially a size 10.  Not too shabby knowing I was about 220ish 5 1/2 months ago.

Now for jeans, which did you know I LOVE?  I can wear all of them except for 3 pairs.  Those 3 are my jeans that I discussed in my last post from my partying, no eating, drinking, working out and dancing days.  While I can't go back to those days, I can hopefully go back to those jeans.  One pair is a size 28 and the other two are size 30's.  I tried them on for shits and giggles.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to wear them and figured they would only come up to my knees.  Well, I could actually get one pair up and on my lower butt.  Buttoning and zipping is still about 5 inches of belly/butt/back fat away, but there has been progress.  So, they are my newest non-weight goal.  I would like to fit them by the time I go to Austin for a special someone's bachelorette weekend!  Here they are...

Me wearing the jeans...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where I want to be

If you read my weigh in post today, then you know that I am lacking motivation.  I need something to get me going again.  So, I thought I should find some old pics of me when I was skinny to remind me where I want to be and I where I know I can get.  The problem is that I didn't take too many pictures then.  I know,  I know, big shocker.  Although my good friend Aj took some, but I don't have them. : (

Now, at that time, I never thought I was even close to being skinny, but damn what I wouldn't give to be that way now.  Even though I didn't think I was skinny, I had confidence and loved wearing cute jeans and little tank tops or tube tops. I LOVE jeans!  I could buy them everyday and I don't mind spending $140 on good fitting jeans.  They make me feel great!  I have told myself that once I hit 14o lbs I can go out and buy some good, expensive jeans as a reward.  Actually, I still have 3 pairs of jeans that I used to wear ALL the time just sitting in the back of my closet waiting to be worn again.  I take them out and look at them every once in a while.  Man oh man they are really small.  I don't know how I ever fit in them.  I think my big toe finally fits in them.

Anyways, now that this went off topic with jeans, lets get back on track to pictures.  So Aj, if you have some full length pics of me that are good, will you send them to me? Please...

The biggest I have ever been was when I was 9 months pregnant with Kaylee.  I believe I got up to 235 lbs.  Here I am probably about 225ish.

And this is the only picture of more than just my shoulders and face of where I want to be again...about 135ish

Tuesday Weigh In 7/19 has been a long 3 days of eating HORRIBLY!  I have no excuses.  My sweet tooth took over for the past couple of days.  Unfortunately, I still have about 12 cupcakes and muffins in my house because yesterday I felt like baking.  Once every 4 months or so I get the urge to cook/bake and yesterday was one of those days.  Luckily, I really need to go to the grocery store and don't have too much at my house or I would have baked even more.  I really am going to get back on track tomorrow because today is already ruined.  Oh well, I WILL eventually lose all my extra weight.  It just may take time than planned.

Current Weight- 165.6
Weight lost since last weight in: 0 lbs (no gain either)
Total Weight Lost: 6.2 lbs

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Weigh In 7/16

A whopping ONE pound loss.  Hey, it is better than nothing or a gain.  So, I will be happy with that.

The funny/sad part is that when I first stepped on the scale this morning it said 148.8...I tried again and the same thing.  I said to myself, "Now that would be a miracle.  No one has an 18 lbs loss in 1 day.  I guess I should change the batteries."  So, I could only find 2 AA batteries and it takes 4.  Therefore, it is only working half way on new batteries.  I stepped on the scale again and it said the same thing.  Now, I believe in God and miracles, but I doubt he would decide for me to lose 18 lbs over night when there are more important things going on around the world to be fixed.  So, I tried it one more time and it was 165.6.  OK that is normal.  So one more time on the scale just to make sure it was "accurate" and again 165.6.  So, I'm sticking with it and saying it was a 1 lb loss.  I guess I will go to the store and buy some more batteries.  Oh, how nice it would have been to lose 18 in a day...Maybe next week.

Current Weight: 165.6
Weight Lost since last weight in: 1 lb
Total Weight Lost:  6.2 lbs

Friday, July 15, 2011


I have been working non-stop on different projects around the house.  Kaylee and Lucas go to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and instead of enjoying my alone time and relaxing or working out, I have been really busy.  I decided to repaint everything in my master bathroom and the spare bathroom upstairs.  I work on them from the time the kids leave until I have to leave to pick them up, again once I put them in bed and if I actually get them to sleep at the same time during the day on days they are home.   Ugh...I'm so ready for them to be done.  I'm EXHAUSTED!!!  Unfortunately, there are lots of other projects that need to be tackled after I complete the current 2.  Summer is the best time to do them, especially since they are in school for 2 days a week.

Needless to say, I have not been working out and my eating this week has really sucked.  Yesterday, at 4 pm I started thinking about my food all day and realized I had only eaten yogurt and 2 bites of shells n' cheese.  Which then turned to over-eating at dinner and we went bowling so it wasn't healthy food.  I had BBQ chicken was YUMMY.  I have noticed over the course of 2 weeks that if I don't eat 3 small meals and 2 snacks(fruit) each day that I actually gain weight.  I guess my body thinks it is starving and holds onto everything I consume.  I am going to do well today in hopes that my scale tomorrow for weigh-in will actually be down a little.

I am hoping to have the bathrooms finished this weekend so then starting on Monday I am going to get up early to run before Chad has to leave for work.  I think it will make me feel better and help lose a little since I'm hovering at the same weight for a week now.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Weigh In 7/12

I have been doing really well since Saturday's weigh in because I have been staying right at 1200 calories each day and I have been active.  Maybe my body has some lactic acid built up from all the squatting I have been doing while finishing my project because my legs are sore.  Maybe I have not been drinking enough water...either way the scale was only down 1 pound this morning.  I keep telling myself that I should be happy with a loss, at least I have not gained any, but I still get disappointed.  What happened to the good ole' days when the weight would just melt off when I would eat right?  I know, I know my age is starting to hinder my body and metabolism.  I don't want my body to get worse.  I want to be one of those older women that everyone looks at and says, "did you see her?  She looks good!"  I know I see those women all the time and think I want to look like them when I'm old.  Now, I'm not talking about the ones that are really built, but the ones wearing  a bathing suit and look better than me.

Speaking of age, I was thinking about it last night and I'm not so young anymore.  I have almost been alive for 30 years!  I still catch myself thinking that I am young (like 23ish) and I can wear certain outfits or go out certain places, but then I stop and realize that I'm not.  I could get away with so much then because if I did something stupid everyone would chalk it up to me being young.  Now, I still feel young, but I have to be responsible and that alone makes me feel OLD.  I'm not saying I am old at all, but I'm not 21 anymore...Oh the care free days of being 21 again.  I guess I will go back to reality and try working on my bathroom again.

Good luck everyone on your progress this week!  Hard work WILL pay off.

Current Weight: 166.6 lbs
Weight Lost since last weigh in: 1 pound
Total Weight Lost: 5.2 lbs

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finally got off of my fat ass

I got up early this morning to enjoy some peace and quiet before everyone else joined me.  It was nice, but it gave me time to really think about how lazy I have been in regards to working out.  My time to myself is very limited these days with two kids.  So I have to pick and choose what to work on during my alone time.  I can work out, which I want to do, or I can complete some projects around the house.  Summer is a good time to redo things around the house  because I have more than just the weekend for a big project.  My current project  has kept me busy since last Tuesday and is only 1/3 complete.  Once it is complete, I will attempt to get a few more complete before school begins.

This morning I made the decision to put everything aside and run.  So, I drank a cup and a half of coffee and then decided it was time to run.  Luckily, Chad got up and was able to watch Lucas so I could leave.  It was a nice run until I hit 3 miles and then my legs didn't want to run anymore.  I pushed through and was able to go a little further.  Not too bad considering I have not ran or worked out in a couple of weeks.  Now if only I can keep it up.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Weigh In

For the past 2 days I have been excited to weigh in today.  I was doing well and I thought I was going to have a pretty good loss.  Too bad the weigh in wasn't yesterday because I ws 167.0 Well, life and kids derailed my plan and today's weigh in is not as good as it could have been. 

After spending 3 hours at minor emergency trying to get K to pee for a urine test and then them trying to cath her twice I was not in the mood to cook and just wanted to eat quickly.  My hubby always goes for pizza so we stopped and got a $5 pizza.  Well, 2 1/2 slices later I gained some weight yesterday.  My crappy supper had to be sacrificed to get my kids feeling better.  So here are the numbers...

Current Weight: 167.6
Weight Lost since last weigh in: 1.4 lbs
Total weight lost: 4.2 lbs

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Weigh In

On my last post I stated that I was going to do well over the 4th of July didn't happen.  Oh well, I am back on track today.  Tuesday sort of creeped up on me because we were so busy hanging with family.  Anyhow, I did have a 0.8 lbs LOSS.  I can't be too disappointed with this loss after the horrible eating I took part in.

Some of you may wonder why I weigh in twice  week and I do have a good reason.  I actually weigh myself everyday, but really count the two official weigh in's because if I don't then I tend to let myself go the first couple of days after weigh in and then play catch up the rest of the week.  I want to continually lose, not lose and then gain and so on.  Do you weigh yourself everyday or would you prefer to never look at the scale?

If you want some great motivation on your weight loss journey take a look at my friend, Megan's blog.  She definitely is an inspiration and an awesome friend.

Current Weight: 169.0 lbs
Total Weight Lost:  2.8 lbs

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Taking running to the next level

Weight loss is not my only goal to accomplish.  About 2 months after having my son, I decided that I wanted to take my running to the next level.  I have ran off and on since high school, but it is primarily done just to quickly lose weight.  It seems to be the best form of cardio that gives my body the quickest results.   The farthest I have ran was for my final exam in a running class in college.  We had to complete a 10k in some amount of time, but I don't remember how long.

Running is something that gives me a feeling of accomplishment after each session.  I push my body pretty hard, yet there are times that I am flat out lazy while running.  I need to get over this laziness that has taken over my mind and body for the past few weeks because I want to complete a half marathon and then maybe someday a marathon (we shall see how the half goes first).  I have looked into different training schedules and have found one that will work me up to the half.  I started it before vacation, but have yet to begin again since returning.  Originally, I was going to sign up for a half marathon at the beginning of November, but due to recent changes in a friends date to tie the knot I am looking for another one.  Which is not a big deal because I would prefer something in January or February for the simple fact that it is much cooler here in Texas during that time.  

So, time to suck it up and push myself.  I am going to start training(again) after this 4th of July weekend and I will be signing up for a half sometime soon.  Any half marathons worth looking into?  

Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Saturday Weigh In

I was pleasantly surprised when I got up and weighed in this morning.  I ate decently yesterday, but not great.  I was not expecting a change from my beginning weight yesterday because it has only been one day.  Today I was 169.8 and that gave me a 2lbs loss.

Just a little more info for those of you saying "2 pounds in one day, how does that happen?"  I went on vacation 2 weeks ago and when I left I was 168 lbs.  I watched what I ate, ran, and was very active doing activities on the beach so I'm pretty sure I had lost about 3 or so more pounds while gone.  Then, we attended a wedding our last night and I over indulged in beverages which then lead to a hangover on the day we returned home.  I have no control when I am hungover so I ate donuts that morning and Chuy's when we got home.  From there I have managed to eat really crappy for the past week with yesterday being my first "ok" day.  So, it was probably water retention.

It is a holiday weekend, but I plan on doing well.  I have a goal to meet!  Enjoy your 4th of July!

Current Weight: 169.8
Weight Loss: 2 lbs

Friday, July 1, 2011

Where To Begin

I have another blog that most of my friends and family follow, but I have dedicated that one to my life as a mother.  I am starting this one to blog about the other big part of my life, weight and exercise.  Weight has been a big deal to me for what seems like forever.  I was pretty heavy in junior high and was teased, but it didn't become something I thought about until I was a freshman in high school.  I have been watching what I eat, counting calories, starving myself and every thing else that seemed to work at the moment ever since.  Don't get me wrong, just because I was watching what I ate did not mean I would eat healthy.  I would eat the crappy food, feel horrible, and then do it again or starve myself.

I got to my heaviest, before kids, during my freshman year in college.  Then, my sophomore and junior year, I did the six week body makeover (more than 6 weeks though) and had great success.  I went from around 200lbs to 130-135lbs.  Of course my new weight was great, but that particular program also taught me to eat healthy multiple times a day.  This was a completely different philosophy than the one I followed in high school.  It was a wake up call and healthy.

I kept the weight off for a few years and then I got married.  I took that milestone in my life as a time to do what I want and not worry about weight.  Uh huh, you heard it right and that lead to a weight gain.  Not a huge gain, but definitely an unhealthy gain.  Then, before I knew it, I was pregnant with my daughter.  Talk about letting yourself go...70 lbs later(on top of what I had already gained) I had a beautiful little girl and was completely disgusted with myself.  So, I changed my life and started exercising and watching what I ate.  When my daughter was a little over 1 yr old, I was finally down to about 155lbs.  I was happy with my success, but wanted to lose about 20 more.

Then, 3 months later, I was pregnant with my son.  I told myself I would continue my healthy eating and hope to only gain about 20 lbs for the entire pregnancy.  I did well for the first 6 months, but then hormones or the love of food took over.  I stopped looking at the scale, but I would guess it was a 60 lbs gain.  Oh well, I love both of my kids and I would not change anything.

So, here I am today at 172 lbs with a self esteem that is a little better, but am not even close to being happy or comfortable with my current body.  Why start blogging?  Well, I have hit a plateau (actually gained some weight in the last week)and it would be really easy for me to give up, but I don't want to.  My ultimate goal: 135 lbs.  This is not an easy goal, but it is attainable.

This blog will be my own way to keep myself accountable each day and to keep track of my details along the way.  I plan on weighing in twice a week: Tuesdays and Saturdays and keeping a log of my daily food intake and exercise.  My goals will be to exercise 3 times a week and consume 1200 calories a day, eat healthy, but mainly work on portion control.  I will post a new pic of myself at the beginning of each month.  I have a few friends Aj and Stephanie that weigh in each week and update on their progress.  I am hoping to help them and for them to keep me in line as well.  Until tomorrow...