Monday, March 25, 2013

My weekend

I had an awesome weekend!  
After being away for 7 days and then having to work all week, I needed time at home. 
 I couldn't wait for the weekend so that I could sit around in my pj's all day eating donuts and catching up on Grey's Anatomy. 
 Luckily, we had some guys coming over to work on our stairs, so it was the perfect excuse to lounge around all day. Look at how pretty they turned out!  Ignore all the different colored walls...we are working on it.  
I am in love! 

 Saturday night I got to join my girls at the Glass Cactus for Megan's birthday.  
It was AMAZING!  
Music, shaking my booty, food, drinks (ahem too many), and my favorite girls. 
 Let's be honest here...after a week of only being around my hubs, I needed a girl's night out.  
I got to meet some cool ladies, including the sweet Holly
 I am not a "big" blogger so I've really only followed friends and family, but I've been catching up on some great blogs that I have now discovered after Saturday.  
Who knew there were so many talented and hilarious blogs out there? 
Love Them! 

Birthday Girl!!!

Brandi freaking cracks me up.  There is never a dull moment with her.    

After spending the night away and not getting much sleep, I got to come home to my sweeties. 
I loved snuggling with this cute face all day. 
 Good thing I couldn't get enough kisses because we layed around ALL day.  
I'm not very old, but one day it just hits you and you can't party like you used to.  #oldageproblems I guess.  

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  1. your stairs look AMAZING!! great job on them!!! Looks like a blast was had at Skinny Megs Birthday!!!!! new follower :