Monday, April 15, 2013

Busy weekend and 8 weeks left

I had a great weekend that kept me very busy. Saturday the hubs went with his friends to NASCAR so he left at about 11am and got back around 1am. My friend laughed when i told her where he went because as she said "really, he isnt white trash enough." It was me and the kiddos so guess what I decided to do...clean house and paint my game room. Why? Because if I didn't start it then my house will stay 3 different colors and I will never do it. I was so done painting at 5pm although it still isn't complete.

Poor kiddos had been inside all day so I took them up to McDonald's to eat and play. It doesn't happen often and they don't eat very much so it isn't too unhealthy. Whatev. It makes them happy.

Sunday morning I continued to paint and then headed out with a long time BFF for pedis and lunch.  It was so good to see her but stupid me didn't get a pic. Story of my life. So it was fun and not too exhausting but I AM exhausted this morning. Lucky for me there are only 8 weeks of work left until summer break!. Woohoo! 

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