Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Goals

I've been back at it this week with getting my eating under control and trying to leave the vacation mentality.
I've been on "vacation" for 2 months and that kind of eating can't be good for anyone.
My summer mantra:

Tomorrow is my last final for my summer classes. Hallelujah!
I would like to think I will have a week to be completely on vacation- away from work and school- but I won't because I have 3 inservice days next week.
And do you really ever get a beak when you have kids?
While I am NOT looking forward to going back to work, there are some definite positives to think about.
First, I love having structure so the beginning of a new school year feels so renewing and starts with so much potential.
I've gained 12lbs this summer!
So, here are my goals for August.

1. Get the kids back on a good early(7:30-8) bedtime.
2. Once work begins, start an AM workout schedule.
3. Track ALL food in mfp.
4. Lose 5-10lbs of "summer weight"
5. Continue my nightly Bible stories and prayer with the kids.


  1. It sounds like you need a kid free work free school free weekend!! ;)
    Your August goals sound great though!! I try to get my kids to bed by 7:30-8 every night too, bc then it's my me time!

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  3. Your goals are great girly! and reachable.. I am trying to eat clean in August. I have the working out thing down pact and you know I dont eat that bad but I think I have to decide if I want it as much as I think I do.. Man I love margaritas hahahaha