Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Decisions Decisions...

I have been in great debate with myself as to what I want to do once school starts.
I have 3 options when it comes to my workout plans.

1. Keep my current membership
2. Get membership at BFF's gym.
3. Get membership at parents gym.

It is a struggle because all three have their perks.
My current gym is "home" and close to my house with childcare included(for the weekends).
My BFF's gym is close to my new work location and I will get to workout with her. Amazing!
My parents gym has all the basics, is cheap, and I can get my dad to workout.

The first two options would be all about me if I choose one of them because their positives benefit me more than anyone else.
The last option is where I am struggling the most.

Back story...
My step-dad will probably kill me if he knew I was writing this about him, but he doesn't read this so I'm okay.
My dad is 50.
He has had 3 heart attacks with a quintuple bypass surgery and has an internal defibrillator.
In other words, his heart doesn't work well at all.
The doctors have told him for years that while it does run in his family it is greatly suggested he lose some weight, eat healthy, and work out.
So like most of us, he does well for a week or two and then does horribly for a month or two.
He loses a few pounds and then gains it back times 2.

He is the BEST person I've ever known.
He is caring, always happy, always wanting help, and plain and simple he is genuinely nice.
He has taught me so much and I can never repay him for the love he has brought into my family.

I want him to be healthy and to be around for many years to come.
I have tried to help him eat better, but I'm not around him 24/7.
My mom tries to get him to go walk with her and sometimes he does, but not always.
I talked with him and told him that I am debating joining their gym so that he can come work out with me in the mornings.
He was okay with this, but didn't sound too enthused.
I want to help him, but I can only do so much.
I want him to join me and would hope that if I was there then he would feel obligated to go and I would be able to hold him accountable.
With his track record it makes me worry that I will join and he won't come.
Luckily, there gym is month to month.

I owe him the benefit of the doubt that he does want to be healthy.
So, I think I'm going to join their gym for a month and see how it goes.
If it doesn't seem to be helping him, then I will cancel and join my BFF's gym so I can benefit.
As much as I would love to join her gym now, I feel I MUST try to help him first.

Sometimes we have to put others first.
I'm not sacrificing my health by doing this so hopefully it will be a win-win.

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