Friday, August 2, 2013

It just got real

I decided that if I'm gonna get real and do something about my weight gain then I should see how much damage I've done.
I took off my yoga pants and tried on every pair of pants in my closet.
I skipped a few ultimate goal jeans because let's face it nobody needs to go through that much shame.
Let's just was not pretty.
So, I've consistently tracked in mfp for a few days and can already see a difference in how I feel and the scale is slowly going back down.
I don't believe in diets because if you do diets then eventually you will give in and fail.
To me diets involve depriving yourself of certain foods because they are "unhealthy."
I've been on plenty of so called diets where I restricted myself of things I love.
I do really well for a while and then BAM I gain it all back.
So, I refuse to eliminate any particular food because I end up binging after a while and then I have to start all over. I'm a foodie so they do not work for me.
Does that mean I eat all crap if it is within my calorie range?
I try to eat well balanced meals and if my calories allow a little chocolate or cake or ice cream, then I will indulge in some sweets as they are my weakness.
Do I think there is one way weight loss plan that works for everyone?
Not exactly, but I do think it boils down to calories in versus calories out.
You have to burn more than you take in to lose weight.
I've researched my BMI and BMR and through trial and error have come to the conclusion that 1500-2000 calories a day is what works best for me. (depends on the amount of exercise that day)
I typically put all of my food into MFP in the morning so I can see how it works out in calories before I eat it all.
Sometimes it is too much or not enough so I have the entire day to adjust things, but still use a firm grounding.
I debated doing the whole macros thing, but I don't have time for that.
So, I have a general breakdown and try to get close without spending so much time calculating and being exact.
It works for me.
Try different things out and get something you can stick with because it does take a lifestyle change to keep going.
This was just too funny not to post:

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  1. Those are hilarious!! I agree, I can't deprive myself or I will really binge out and gain a ton of weight!