Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weigh In

So, I looked at my previous weeks weigh ins and put them on a calendar.  Funny thing is there is becoming a pattern in the weeks I lose and the weeks I stay the same or gain.  It is kind of cool to see.  It also reassures me during the weeks that I stay the same that it will all work out in the end, especially knowing that the weeks I typically lose are right around the corner and it is just the cycle my body has chosen to follow.

We had some pretty good meals this week.  We had way more leftovers than normal so I only cooked dinner on Sunday and Wednesday.  Talk about saving money, which is my BIG plan for the next year.  I am so tired of spending $100 or more on food each week.  It is ridiculous when I look back at our bills.  It is just food and there are better things I could be spending money on.  Check back later today or tomorrow for my meal plans this coming week.

Current Weight: 155.8 lbs
Weight Lost this week: 2.2 lbs
Total Lost:  16 lbs

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