Thursday, September 8, 2011

Frustrated Again...

So, I'm going to vent about my frustration to you ladies because I know that you love me and it will get it off my chest.  My body does not make any sense.  As you all know the past 2 weeks I was doing great and averaged a 2 lbs loss each week.  Well, I know it isn't weigh in day, but I have now gained .6 lbs and I have not changed anything.  I am eating and doing the same things.  It just irritates me that one week I lose, but then all of a sudden I start gaining.  I would understand if I went out and ate like a crazy woman and believe me I have had lots of opportunities.  When I gain for no reason it makes me want to just eat like crazy and give up.

I know that it will come off and that I just need to keep doing what I am doing, so I 'm typing this out while I am pissed and I am going to move on.  So I'm taking a deep breathe and thinking good thoughts.  Today will be a good day and by Saturday, I will lose some weight.  Lets see if I can be down to 156.4 by then...fingers crossed.  


  1. Oh honey bun I think you should put the scale away until weigh in day! Everyone has this issue, I will lose 2 pounds and then gain 3, makes no sense! I always think, oh I'm ovulating or oh it's almost that time :) Shit, I'm thinking my period is showing up for the whole month! ha! Take out a 'heavy' pic and post it on the fridge to remind yourself how FAR you have come! You look great, I don't think 1 more pound off is going to make you look any hotter! Go buy yourself something pretty to wear, that always makes me feel better :) Love you!

  2. ditto megan.

    oh sweets, anything after the ###. doesn't matter anyway. that fluctuates constantly. especially when you've come as far as you have and look as fabulous as you do.

    go check out that before photo as megan suggests and you'll realize it's a process, sometimes too slow, but you're definitely going in a direction to be proud of!

    love you pretty!

  3. I agree with Angela (it's weird calling her that and not AJ btw) and Megan..this is the reason that you're not supposed to weigh yourself every day. (I do anyway and get frustrated too sometimes..Ha) Keep going, you're doing a great job!