Saturday, July 30, 2011

I wish I had a scale!

I HATE not being able to weigh myself in the morning.  It messes up my whole day and makes me think about every little thing.  UGHHHH...So, we are in Austin with the in-laws and they probably have a scale in their bathroom, but I get up like 4 hours before any of them so I can't just go in there and weigh myself.  So, I'm sitting here drinking my coffee pondering the massive amount of salty food I ate last night and what it has done to the scale.  It probably isn't pretty, but at least I would know where I stand.  I am going to do better today and tonight when I go out for yummy mexican food, I will not over eat!  

Maybe I should wake up Chad and give him Lucas so I can go run.  Crap, I just remembered that I did not bring my headphones, garmin watch, or ipod mini.  I guess I will have to run like the good ole' days and just do it with myself, clothing, a running shoes.  

Well, I will weigh in on Tuesday, cross my fingers for that 10 lbs loss this month and post a new picture for August.  

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  1. haha time away from the scale is hard, how do you know how you should feel that day?!?! LOL I CAN NOT run with out music, listening to myself panting is not fun!