Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Weigh In 7/12

I have been doing really well since Saturday's weigh in because I have been staying right at 1200 calories each day and I have been active.  Maybe my body has some lactic acid built up from all the squatting I have been doing while finishing my project because my legs are sore.  Maybe I have not been drinking enough water...either way the scale was only down 1 pound this morning.  I keep telling myself that I should be happy with a loss, at least I have not gained any, but I still get disappointed.  What happened to the good ole' days when the weight would just melt off when I would eat right?  I know, I know my age is starting to hinder my body and metabolism.  I don't want my body to get worse.  I want to be one of those older women that everyone looks at and says, "did you see her?  She looks good!"  I know I see those women all the time and think I want to look like them when I'm old.  Now, I'm not talking about the ones that are really built, but the ones wearing  a bathing suit and look better than me.

Speaking of age, I was thinking about it last night and I'm not so young anymore.  I have almost been alive for 30 years!  I still catch myself thinking that I am young (like 23ish) and I can wear certain outfits or go out certain places, but then I stop and realize that I'm not.  I could get away with so much then because if I did something stupid everyone would chalk it up to me being young.  Now, I still feel young, but I have to be responsible and that alone makes me feel OLD.  I'm not saying I am old at all, but I'm not 21 anymore...Oh the care free days of being 21 again.  I guess I will go back to reality and try working on my bathroom again.

Good luck everyone on your progress this week!  Hard work WILL pay off.

Current Weight: 166.6 lbs
Weight Lost since last weigh in: 1 pound
Total Weight Lost: 5.2 lbs


  1. hey missy, stop being so hard on yourself!! considering you've lost over 2 lbs since last week, i'd say you're right on track!

    we're as old as we feel my dear... although, i'd really enjoy a weekend of acting, thinking, and feeling like i was 21 again! we were awesome at it =)

  2. Girl if you are old then I'm ancient! ha ha! I have those same thoughts {about being younger than I am} all the time, heck I feel better now than I did at 23 so I'm just going to say I will be one heck of a 40 year old! congrats on the loss, as long as you are headed in the right direction you are doing great! How are you tracking your calories? are you using an app? Oh an we are totally doing a 5k Aug. 6th, so lets just pretend it won't be a 100 degrees out :)