Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Weigh In

On my last post I stated that I was going to do well over the 4th of July weekend...it didn't happen.  Oh well, I am back on track today.  Tuesday sort of creeped up on me because we were so busy hanging with family.  Anyhow, I did have a 0.8 lbs LOSS.  I can't be too disappointed with this loss after the horrible eating I took part in.

Some of you may wonder why I weigh in twice  week and I do have a good reason.  I actually weigh myself everyday, but really count the two official weigh in's because if I don't then I tend to let myself go the first couple of days after weigh in and then play catch up the rest of the week.  I want to continually lose, not lose and then gain and so on.  Do you weigh yourself everyday or would you prefer to never look at the scale?

If you want some great motivation on your weight loss journey take a look at my friend, Megan's blog.  She definitely is an inspiration and an awesome friend.

Current Weight: 169.0 lbs
Total Weight Lost:  2.8 lbs


  1. I weigh myself every day and I definitely have the lose all week, gain it all back on the weekend pattern going on.

    Yay for a loss even with bad eating decisions. Now it's time to get back on track!

    Megan is AMAZING!

  2. yay for loss! i weigh every day! today i'm down 1.4lbs, let's hope it's the same if not more tomorrow.

    who am i kidding. . . thursday is when i'll actually blog about it.

  3. A loss is a loss, that's awesome! I think you are smart to weigh in twice, the yo yo crap sucks so that keeps you on track! Thanks for the shout out, I love you too!!!!

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  6. i blogged about your blog today, is that ok?