Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finally got off of my fat ass

I got up early this morning to enjoy some peace and quiet before everyone else joined me.  It was nice, but it gave me time to really think about how lazy I have been in regards to working out.  My time to myself is very limited these days with two kids.  So I have to pick and choose what to work on during my alone time.  I can work out, which I want to do, or I can complete some projects around the house.  Summer is a good time to redo things around the house  because I have more than just the weekend for a big project.  My current project  has kept me busy since last Tuesday and is only 1/3 complete.  Once it is complete, I will attempt to get a few more complete before school begins.

This morning I made the decision to put everything aside and run.  So, I drank a cup and a half of coffee and then decided it was time to run.  Luckily, Chad got up and was able to watch Lucas so I could leave.  It was a nice run until I hit 3 miles and then my legs didn't want to run anymore.  I pushed through and was able to go a little further.  Not too bad considering I have not ran or worked out in a couple of weeks.  Now if only I can keep it up.

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  1. I bet it's hard with 2, I have a hard time with just 1! Good for you on running, it's so hard to get out in this heat :)