Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Weigh In 7/16

A whopping ONE pound loss.  Hey, it is better than nothing or a gain.  So, I will be happy with that.

The funny/sad part is that when I first stepped on the scale this morning it said 148.8...I tried again and the same thing.  I said to myself, "Now that would be a miracle.  No one has an 18 lbs loss in 1 day.  I guess I should change the batteries."  So, I could only find 2 AA batteries and it takes 4.  Therefore, it is only working half way on new batteries.  I stepped on the scale again and it said the same thing.  Now, I believe in God and miracles, but I doubt he would decide for me to lose 18 lbs over night when there are more important things going on around the world to be fixed.  So, I tried it one more time and it was 165.6.  OK that is normal.  So one more time on the scale just to make sure it was "accurate" and again 165.6.  So, I'm sticking with it and saying it was a 1 lb loss.  I guess I will go to the store and buy some more batteries.  Oh, how nice it would have been to lose 18 in a day...Maybe next week.

Current Weight: 165.6
Weight Lost since last weight in: 1 lb
Total Weight Lost:  6.2 lbs


  1. i can imagine that little half grin before the "yeah right." i haven't weighed 148 since i was deathly sick my junior year in high school. that's about 2 below my lowest goal...

    you're doing great! only neg to weighing yourself twice in a week is you are too hard on yourself and you see "only" 1lb. but "only" 1 lb. every weigh in makes it 2 every week. which is perfect or something. 2lbs a week is something you can maintain. anything more means you'd have to work hard for the rest of your life rather than just enjoying and being comfortable naturally. but shit, you know me. 18 lbs a day would be worth the hard work after ;)

  2. ha ha! Once I stepped on the scale and it said 127, I was like HELL YEAH! HAHAHAHHA! I'm pretty sure I'll never ever see that number for reals :) Great job on the loss, I'm proud of you! Did you get your booty out and run? It's only 105 out, it ain't THAT bad!