Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday


Today I'm jumping on the bandwagon and joining the Weigh in Wednesday Link up.  
I decided last week to join in on the party and so I have been dreading this weigh in.  
Not because I don't like a good link up, but because I haven't weighed myself in a week.
Megan, you should be proud.
I knew it would be bad because some of my clothes have become tighter.
We have eaten out a ton and I haven't worked out.
So I'm officially at 153.8...Ouch!
I started 30 Day Shred yesterday and I plan on running a couple miles beforehand every day.
I have exactly 30 days before I will be on the beach in South Padre for my brother's wedding and there is nothing worse than feeling fat in a bathing suit.  
I am going to give it my all.  
That includes throwing out all the crap food still in my house from this weekend.
Shhhh don't tell my hubby.
He hates it when I throw out food....something BS about having self control.
What do I need from you....someone to kick my ass and keep me on track!
I have gotten way out of control with eating.
Enough so that it has become a little scary.
I have vowed to only weigh in on Wednesdays just to keep everything in check and to feed a little of my scale obsession.


  1. Welcome to Weigh In Wednesday, I love this community of women so much. There is always encouragement here! Good for you dumping all that junk, sometimes we just have to bite the bit and get rid of it, knowing in the long run it's better for us :)

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! I KNOW you can rock it over the next few weeks and not feel bad about your body when you're on the beach in a few weeks! I have to throw out the junk food too... plain and simple, if it's around I will eat it. I'm just not there with the self control yet so I totally get that! Good luck this week, hope you make some progress towards your goal!

  3. Good for you!! You can do this!! I also just started 30 day shed and I have been running/walking a few miles before hand. Good luck!!

  4. Gah! You have a BS'in 'it's all about self control" husband too? *high five* It's so easy for them isn't it?
    Good for you for doing it though! You can rock this!

  5. I would have to throw it out as well - if it's there, this chick is gonna eat it! good for you for seeing that and getting rid of it. The husband will get over it and live! aha. Get it girl!!

  6. Welcome to weigh in Wed!!! :) you've got this!! :)