Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend and Goals

I had an awesome weekend with the fam!
We went to a bday party on Saturday, rode bikes, went to the park, and grocery shopped together.
We have started letting the kiddos ride their bikes to the park every Sunday after nap time.
They have LOVED it!
It is becoming our Sunday tradition.
On the flip side, my eating was once again horrible, but I did healthy shop yesterday so I am going to link up with Jess today and make some damn goals for this week.
I'm going to focus on 1 week at at time.
I feel if I look too far in advance then I won't stick with it.
So here ya go:

Operation Skinny Jeans
1. Drink 125oz of water every day.
2. Absolutely NO sweets. (this is going to suck bc it is Teacher appreciation week)
3. 30 Day Shred every day.
4. Gym for cardio 5 days.
5. Eat every 3 hours.
6. Eat more veggies.
7. No carbs at dinner.

I think I need to hunker down and not allow anything "bad" for 1 week and then I can get rid of all the horrible cravings I have been indulging in.
I'm sticking with it and I will not cheat at all.
It is a lot easier to wrap my little brain around 1 week.
I can do anything for 1 week!


  1. Ah! I totally forgot about teacher appreciation week! Thank you so much for adding this apart of your goals. And now I know that maybe I should choose something healthier for her. Thank you and good luck with your goals this week!

  2. Stopping by from the linkup! I agree--one week at a time is the way to go! And you're totally right about getting rid of the cravings. It takes 1-2 weeks to get stuff out of your system like fast food or whateverrrrrr and stop the cravings. you can do it!

  3. Found you from the linkup as well! Cutting carbs at dinner doesn't sound like a bad idea. I need to try that! What are some of your go-to no-carb dinners?

  4. Those are great goals! I have always really struggled with drinking all my water, but I recently bought a really cute reusable cup with a straw from Walmart ($3!) and it makes it so easy to drink all my water! The cup is 24oz, so as long as I refill it 4 times throughout the day, I know I'm getting all my water in. Best $3 I've spent in awhile!

    Carolyn @