Friday, May 3, 2013


Yesterday was filled with good choices.
I woke up and shredded for the 3rd day.
Drank lots of water.
Ate healthy all day until...
My hubby came home with pizza because Kaylee was begging for it.
I knew he was going to stop to get it, so I gobbled down some corn on the cobb.
I was starving and I had just finished workout two so I knew if pizza was in front of me I would have not willpower.
By the time he got home, I wasn't starving anymore, but I was hungry.
To my surprise, he bought me a salad.
The problem...I didn't have any dressing to go with it.
I am very picky with dressing and I cannot eat a salad without it.
I did the next best thing and added salsa.
It was okay, but I could only choke down half of it.
I went upstairs and took a shower to convince myself that I didn't need pizza and to get rid of the BO from the gym before Chad made comments.
The convincing worked right up until the kiddos bedtime.
Then all hell broke loose and I ate pizza.
One entire piece and then half of my daughters.
And let's not forget the cinnamon pizza my hubs ALWAYS gets.
So annoying.
So my workouts(yes 2 separate times 30DS and the gym) yesterday were for nothing.
I guess it was better than just eating all the crap and not working out.
Why have I been this way for the past month?
Why can't I control my eating?
There has to be more to it
I typically decide to clean up my eating and it isn't too hard.
I just do it and feel better.
But for the last month, it is like this isn't really me.
Am I compensating for something else?
Is there an underlying issue?
I am not sure, but I don't like it.
Has anyone else had this happen?
I need some advice or maybe a counselor or maybe even fat camp.
I would love to go away, workout all day, and only have to make healthy food for me.
Well, that isn't happening so I better find a new alternative.
And soon.

Happy Friday!


  1. If you go away somewhere-please take me with you and we can be healthy together....

  2. I know this doesn't help much, but just remember it this way ... It's better to have worked out if you ate that, to to not have worked out and to have eaten that!

  3. I had the same issue on Wednesday - all I can think of is that is comes down to choices. Every day every meal we have a choice to do the right thing (the thing that is good for our bodies and our goals) or we can do what we know is bad....instant gratification vs. long term success. :) Stay focused and way to go for only having a slice and a half! Once I fall off the wagon I tend to run myself over again & again! Ha!

  4. Don't dwell on it, you ate it, it's done! If you keep beating yourself up about it that's when it becomes too easy to stop trying and have pizza for breakfast;)