Friday, March 1, 2013

Dear March, Cruise, and Looking good

Dear March,
I am so glad you decided to finally show up.  I have been thinking about you and all you will bring me for about 8 months now.  I have looked forward to your bright sun, cold drinks, and time away from work.  I love the freshness you bring and the way you suddenly make me feel like summer is just around the corner, even when it is still 50 degrees some days.  I look forward to a new month and a fresh start.  I am going to enjoy all 31 days of your bliss.

That is right bitches March is my cruise month.  Hallelujah!  I will be setting sail in 10 days for a wonderful 7 day western caribbean cruise.  I CANNOT wait.  Although, I am already freaking out about not being around my kiddos and something happening while I am not here.  I just pray they are in good hands.  I told my hubby that he needs to find a way for me to use my phone everyday so that I can FaceTime them and check in.  Plus, who can go 7 days without IG or FB? Definitely, not me.

This week has been super busy with school and work so I wasn't able to workout Monday or Thursday and it has made me feel like a complete fat ass.  I know it is crazy, but yesterday I felt like I had gained all my weight back and my muscles suddenly disappeared.  I am getting so close to wearing that bikini and I need every workout possible to help tone some areas up.  They are not looking too good as of last weekend when I tried the dreaded things on, but it is better than last year.  Yes, I plan on working out everyday on my cruise and not just because I will be eating lots of delicious food, but because all of this work is for more than just a vacation, it is for my life.  I want to feel good and look my best everyday.

Some people at work have asked me recently if I have big plans every day after work because I am always dressed up and look good.  When I tell them no, I actually go home, change into sweats to work on school stuff and hit up the gym they don't understand why I get so dressed up for work.  Although I teach high school students and they really don't care, it makes me feel better all day when I feel good and think I look good.  I get dressed up for ME.  When I dress all frumpy I get pissed easier and am not as easy going.  This year has been new in the getting dressed up and make up every day department.  I used to be the teacher that put on decent clothes(not super cute) and used a little tinted moisturizer and mascara only.  I just didn't feel pretty and I wasn't happy.  So this year I decided to make a change because I am starting to feel better in my own skin.  I feel like I have put in a lot of hard work for my current body and I want to leave my house in the morning flaunting it.  I don't want to look in the mirror between every class(yes I go to the restroom in between them all) and feel gross.  I want to look in the mirror and feel confident.  Therefore, yes I will get dressed up everyday, yes I will put on all of my makeup so that it is still there in the evening, and yes I will look better and feel better because I put in the time.  I will do it all for me and no one else. 

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. You do look awesome my hardworking friend!!! I agree, I feel better when I put some effort in to my wardrobe and makeup!