Monday, March 18, 2013


I returned yesterday from our 7 night cruise.  I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation.  I'm exhausted this morning, but have to go back to work anyways.  
It is going to be a long week.  
We had so much fun on our cruise and there was definitely not a shortage of adult beverages and food consumed.  I think I ate enough for 3 people. 
 Have you ever been on a cruise?  
There is food available 24/7 and it is always amazing. I ate a decently healthy breakfast of oatmeal and maybe eggs every morning and a salad for lunch everyday.  
Don't worry...I overindulged every night with dinner and dessert.  Hello 3 course meals!

I enjoyed getting dressed up for dinner each night.  It was different from my normal sweats and workout gear!
I did workout everyday, except 1 because we went on a walking tour of the jungle.  My legs were so sore after each workout.  I think it was due to having to keep my balance while running on the treadmill due to the ship movement.  My balance sucks, so I tried lunges and quickly gave up on them.  I didn't want to fall over and embarass myself too much.  I need to hit up the gym today and get some good lunges and squats completed.  

Of course, we spent plenty of time in the sun. Ouch for some major sunburns.

We enjoyed our trip and are already planning another one with the whole fam.  We couldn't wait to get back and see these cuties.  

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