Saturday, March 23, 2013

Why oh why?

I did sooooo good with eating and exercising over my vacation and then came home and screwed it all up.  
I don't know why I always sabotage my good work, but I do.  
This past week I have indulged in some real fat girl meals that included taco bell, pizza, mexican food, and Whataburger.  
All in one week! 
I have not worked out AT. ALL.  
There really isn't a good reason for it either. 
 I planned healthy meals for the week and went grocery shopping last Sunday so I would have all the ingredients.  
It has been a crazy week with getting the kiddos readjusted and work sucks, but there is no good reason for this kind of behavior.  
It makes me feel like shit and doesn't even taste that good.  
Plus, working out makes me happy so the fact that I didn't just provides me with the reason my week probably sucked. 
 If you follow me on instagram {arobertson1224} you have probably noticed that I haven't posted too many pictures this week.  
All of my bad eating and not working out puts a damper on everything so I didn't feel good enough to post pics.  
BUT I am done making myself feel that way and today I'm getting my running shoes back on and I'm working out. 
 I need to get the 5lbs off that I have gained and back on track with getting fit and toned. 
 I will be proud of myself and I will not continue to destroy all of the good work I have done so far. 
 Set backs are normal, but getting past them is what matters.
Happy Saturday!  

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  1. Don't worry girl, I'm right there with you. Lets beat this together!