Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bring it on 2012!

I love fresh starts and the Lord knows that I need one after the past couple of weeks.  My body is pissed off and is craving healthy.  So, I am going to be cliche and restart my body today, the first day of 2012.  I have some big goals that I really want to achieve this year.  I know that I won't be perfect, but I truly want  to do my best.  So here is my list of Goals for this year:
  • I am going to devote at least 4 hours a week to working out and just focusing on myself.
  • I  am going to spend at least 15 minutes per day meditating and reading the Bible.
  • I am going to plan out our dinners for the entire week and post it on my blog every Sunday.
  • I am going to make sure I have all of the groceries we need by Sunday evening to ensure us sticking to the meal plans.
  • I am going to be 130-135 lbs, toned, and with a hard tummy by December 31st, 2012.(BIG Goal)  
  • I am going to plan fun activities and spend time with my kiddos every Saturday. (i.e. crafts, art, games, play areas, etc...) 
  • I am going to drink 6 glasses of water every day
I am going to refer to these goals and give updates on how they are going each month.  I think 2012 my overall goal is to spend more time on me i.e.  mind, spirit, and body.

Now for the fun part...Please don't laugh or think bad thoughts when you see the next part.  I have been taking pictures each month with clothes on to show my progress, but it is hard to see depending on what I am wearing.  Therefore, I am going to bare it all and update on the first of each month.  The pictures are really more for me so that I can see the progress and analyze the changes throughout the year.  You all just get to see the ugly pics as I go... I really want to keep track and see some HUGE changes this year.  I am not going to focus on what the scale says, but more on the way my clothes fit and muscle building.  I have way too much jiggle for my liking...

Here are my current(beginning) body photos:

THIS is what I want...
Check out my Inspiration Board on Pinterest if you want to see more of my goal pics.  2012 is going to be GREAT!  Happy New Year!

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  1. Those are some awesome goals! Can't wait to see you next year with those rock hard abs :) I think you look great though!!