Monday, January 23, 2012

Week #2

So, here is a recap of my work outs during week #2 of our challenge.  I told you all that last Sunday I did the bootcamp workout and it was hard!  My butt and legs were so (insert expletive here) sore until Thursday.  I couldn't just skip working out while sore so it was kind of good that Chad had some work stuff Monday night which therefore messed up my schedule and I couldn't go to spin until Tuesday.  Monday would have been killer.  So, I went to spin Tuesday and Wednesday and was feeling good.  Then, Thursday I got lazy and did nothing.  Friday, I was going to work out after work until Chad mentioned drinks and Chuy's and well you can guess what I chose.  Saturday I did the 2nd bootcamp work out that focuses on arms and well, I wasn't too impressed so Sunday I did lots of running.  I felt like Forest Gump, except my run was only 10 miles, but it was great for me.  It was my first double digit run and I kept my 9 1/2 minute mile pace pretty consistently.  I bounced between an 8 1/2 to a 9 1/2 minute pace.  So, overall it was a pretty good week of work outs minus the fact that I did not lift any weights.  My goal this week is to lift 3 days.

Now for food...I pretty much stayed right around 1300-1500 calories everyday except Friday and Sunday.  Friday I lost track at Chuy's, but I did well there and only ate a handful of chips and a small bowl of tortilla soup.  I am pretty sure my drink had more than enough calories in it, but it was oh so yummy and well worth the calories.  Sunday, we celebrated Lucas' 1st birthday and I very much indulged in cake and ice cream.  I felt so sick to my stomach afterwards.  Which is a good thing because I don't foresee myself giving into or having a sweet craving anytime soon.

So, my official weigh in this morning was 153.2 and that gives me a 1.2 lbs loss this week.  Wooohooo only $1 down again.

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