Monday, January 16, 2012

One week and only $1 down

Today is weigh in day and I am down 2 lbs so that means I only have to pay in $1.  My goal is still to only pay in $13 by the end of this thing and I hope my mom loses the most.  She had surgery last week therefore she is not able to work out for 6 weeks so it is going to be tough for her.

Chad, my dad, and Nick have been playing racquet ball and of course they have each lost like 10 lbs.  SERIOUSLY!  It is so unfair being a woman sometimes.  I come home almost everyday drenched in sweat and eat really well to only lose 2 lbs.  While Chad isn't even remotley sweaty and eats whatever he feels like...i.e. pizza 2x, 4 muffins as a dessert, BBQ.  It can really be frustrating.

At the same time, I have felt better this week and last with being on a consistent work out schedule.  I got some nice compliments at spin last Wednesday from the instructor and I feel like I am building some muscles.  I wish I would have taken some measurements at the beginning just to see how things change.  I know I should see a difference in clothes when I build muscle and not on the scale and, well, I am seeing a difference and it isn't pretty.  My pants have been feeling tighter this week, but I feel thinner.  It is kind of weird.  I have 12 more weeks to go on the challenge and a lot of time to see and feel a difference.

Oh I almost forgot...I did the day 1 BCx bootcamp workout yesterday morning and OMG my legs are so sore!  I don't think I am going to work out today because they need some time to recover.  I see why Megan likes it so much.  

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  1. Great job! Yeah guys suck. period. I hope you Mom is feeling better!! Did you guys start your cleanse yet?? That bcx workout is killer, LOVE IT!