Monday, January 9, 2012

New Challenge

Well, my food list and grocery shopping is complete for the week. This gives me my whole week to devote to a new challenge. I went to church yesterday and my mom told me about a weight loss challenge involving money with her and some of her friends. I love competition and I am trying to lose weight so I told her I was all in. Well, come to find out they are doing the final winner as the person who loses the most pounds...ugh not fair! Some of the guys of that particular group have a lot they can lose. I can't compete pound for pound with a male who weighs 240+. So, I was a little upset, but then my mom mentioned having a little family competition and now Chad, my mom and dad, and I are doing a 90 day money challenge. I volunteered Chad. LOL! We weigh in every monday and if you lose ANYTHING you put in $1 and if you gain you put in $5. At the end of the 90 days whoever loses the highest percentage will win the pot. There could be some big money involved if someone doesn't lose any. I am hoping that is not me!

I am a little worried because I have already lost a good amount and I am trying to build muscle. I have gained 2 lbs in the past week, I am starving ALL the time, and working out. I am not sure if the gain is muscle or it is because I am eating more. I am still trying to work through it all and figure out the best combination of calories. As I posted last time, I have read multiple things about increasing calories to build muscle and I decided to up them to 1450 per day but even with eating 1450, I am starving. My stomach is growling and moving all around yelling at me to eat so I know it is not me just wanting to eat. I don't know what to do, but I have to find a way to lose each week so that all I will pay in is $13.

Ultimately, I am doing this for my mom so it doesn't matter if I win or not. She does not like to lose money, but she really needs to do something about her weight and eating so I am really hoping this will do the trick. I love you mom, but you gotta get serious and get in shape!

Have a great week!

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  1. I love it!! What a way to the whole family involved!! I'm starving all the time too from working out, just push though and find your sweet spot Amber you are doing great!!