Friday, February 1, 2013

Whoa Mama Cow No Pics Please

I have very few pictures of myself for multiple reasons.  I tend to not ever be ready for the pic so I aways end up with a crazy face, I feel fat, or plain and simple I am not photogenic. I love candid pics of other people, but for me they just never turn out cute or fun or pretty so I tend to just stay out of the way of the camera. 

I have always been very aware of my weight and how I look.  I have fluctuated from small to heavy to extremely heavy and then small again for as long as I can remember.  Even during my small times, I tried to stay away from the camera.  

I did not take very many pictures with my first pregnancy or after with my baby girl.  Probably because I was huge after gaining about 80 lbs.  I vowed to watch my weight with the second pregnancy and to take pictures.  I didn't want to miss our on saving those precious memories.  I started out better with the 2nd pregnancy and gained a reasonable amount of weight up until 30ish weeks.  I took a decent amount of pics to document, but after 30 weeks and once I really started gaining it all ended.  
These were taken about 4 weeks after my son was born.

Cue ugly face and fat...

Never let someone take a pic while you are sitting.  Talk about squishy.

Now I realize that it was all so dumb not to take pictures.  Most importantly, I have nothing to look back on of me with my little babies.  I don't have anything to look at for comparison of now and then.  It makes me sad to think of how non-existent I was to because I hid myself not only from pictures but from the world all together.  

Now that I feel better about myself, I love going out and doing things.  I don't want to stay home.  I want to meet new people and have fun.  I want to see more pics of me and my babies.  

But I'm posting this because it is so important to document the memories of your life.  Not only for yourself, but for your family.  Whether you are just beginning your journey, still a work in progress, or happy with your current self you need to cherish every moment.  TAKE pictures!  Someday you will want to look back at them.  If you don't like them now, then hide them or put them on your refrigerator as a motivation to becoming a new you.  A HAPPY You!


  1. Wow! Look how far you have come! You look fabulous!

  2. I'm glad you posted these. I see how great you look now and it gives me hope that I can be an "after" someday. Right now, I'm a total "before".