Tuesday, January 15, 2013


For all of you that have a significant other I'm sure you are going to relate to this post.  
I could go on and on about many topics when it comes to my husband, 
but I will save you from all of the nagging.  
Why the hell does he feel the need to tempt me constantly with food? 
He knows I am trying to lose weight and become toned.  
He knows that I am trying to eat clean most of the time, 
I walk into my house almost everyday with some new "unhealthy" temptation.  
He brings home ice cream, pizza, candy, chocolate covered pretzels, and 
everything else I would love to chow down on. 
My inner fat girl
wants to eat like it is a buffet that I will never see again.  
So everyday I have to distract myself, 
talk myself out of binge eating,
and pray to have some self control.
I want to just throw it away,
but that would be a major fight.
What does my husband say?  
You just need to have some self control 
and we don't have to suffer because you are!!!
True and true, 
but I don't want you tempting me all the damn time
and then telling me how we need more veggies in our lives.
A little hypocritical ya think?
I do the grocery shopping for a reason and 
NO hubby you don't need to eat 5 billion unhealthy things 
after you eat a healthy dinner.  

So welcome to my daily routine of talking myself out of eating what the hubs and kiddos eat.  
I keep telling him that my dad and I are going to switch houses.  
That way the guys can live together and I can live with my mom. 
 She is much cleaner and isn't buying crap to tempt me with.  


  1. My husband used to be so negative about the healthy food in the house but now he's totally on board and gets mad at me when I buy crap lol.