Monday, February 18, 2013

Struggling on a run?

I usually go on a long run on the weekend.  I don't usually have an exact mileage to do, but I do have a certain minimum.  If I feel good, I will keep going.  
I am a morning runner.  I like to get up, have a cup of joe, and then head out.  
This weekend was busy with my daughter's 4th birthday party so my run didn't happen until Sunday late afternoon.  
By that time I was tired, really didn't feel like going, but the pizza and birthday cake were haunting my thoughts so I laced up and headed out.  
It was beautiful, sunny, and 70 degrees.  I even wore shorts! 

It started pretty good for the first mile with a high 7 to low 8 minute mile pace.  Then, suddenly my legs wanted to stop.  
I knew I was tired, but dang it had only been a mile. I knew it was going to be a LONG run. 
I knew if I could get to 3 miles it would get better.  It always does. 
 I kept going, even with some of the streets being very windy.
 I made it to 4 miles and then it hit me again.  
I couldn't believe I wanted to quit.
Suddenly, I thought about my cruise in 3 weeks.  I thought about my tummy jiggling in my bathing suit.  
Nobody wants to see that!     
My mind then took me to what the others will look like.  
You know...all of those skinny bitches that don't have any flab and can sit, bend, turn around and nothing moves.  
So images of those skinny bitches gave me motivation to keep going.  Although there were about 10 times that I wanted to quit, I kept putting one foot in front of the other.  I focused on bathing suits, sun, and alcoholic beverages. 
 I pushed to 9 miles.   
I have convinced myself to buckle down and man up for the next 3 weeks.  
The worst feeling would be going on the cruise thinking I didn't give 110%.  
I am not a quitter. 
 I am very competitive.  
I do not lose, even if I am only competing against myself and my own thoughts.  

                                                                 Yes, these are the same pics from my IG (arobertson1224).  

Afterwards, I felt great.  I had a new energy.  I was proud. 
So when you are really struggling with a workout give yourself something to focus on.  
Something that you know will push you farther and faster.  
I promise you will feel amazing afterwards!   


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  2. Awesome post! You're a lot further than I am! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. New follower. I am trying to get back into running myself. Your weight loss is an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your story.