Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I am alive!

Wow, has it really been since August that I blogged?  Life has me running around like a crazy person, but I am loving all of the fun activities lately.  December is always my favorite month since it is my birthday and Christmas, but this December is even better because I am turning 30.  Oh, how I love December!!!

Since this is my first blog that I am going to post for everyone, I figured I should give a little background for the new readers.  I am married with 2 children who are almost 4 and 2.  Their birthdays are in January and February.  Dang, they are growing up too fast.  I am a high school math teacher and currently working on my masters in school counseling.  I stay pretty busy, but after Thursday I will have a month off from school.  Oh yeah!

 I started blogging to document my weight loss after having both of my kiddos, but have never posted it for lots of people to possibly read.   My heaviest was after my daughter, but I cannot find any of those pics...probably because I did not take very many.  When I started my journey after my youngest was born I was about 215ish, but didn't start this blog until I got really serious about my weight loss at 170ish.  The picture below with both of my kiddos shows a little bit of how heavy I was after having both of my kids.  The other pic is where I want to be again...those were my good ole' days in college where all I had to do was run 3 miles everyday, go to school, and party to have a thin figure.  Before college, I struggled with weight.  In high school, I would not eat...a little anorexic huh?...or if I did eat something, which was necessary due to playing sports, it would consist of carrots and plain tuna fish.  I gained massive amounts of weight during both of my pregnancies because I thought "oh well, I'm pregnant and I can eat what I want."  I have lost a decent amount since having my kiddos, but have been stuck at a plateau for the past year.  I am so tired of seeing 150-153 on the scale everyday.  And yes, I weigh myself everyday.   It has become very disheartening that I eat clean and work out, but the weight will not move.

I am lucky to be around others that motivate me to keep it up and do better.  For those of you that read Megan's blog you know just how motivating she is and if you don't read it....you should.  She is my real life BFF so it doesn't get much better than that!  She has amazed me with her body transformation and I strive to have a tiny amount of her dedication!

So I'm sure some are thinking, why the new beginning and blogging again?  Well, today I have decided to get rid of something that I have thought could be causing me to not lose weight....my Mirena birth control.  Honestly, weight loss is not the number one issue, but it is a big factor in this decision.  I have very little tolerance for anything, mainly my husband and kids and they really don't deserve an irritable me.  I thought maybe it was just all of the stress of life and especially going back to school, but this all really started after having my son, so at that time I chalked it up to a new baby, but now I'm not so sure.  Anyways, I want to document all of the changes in my body as well as my mental health and would love to inspire others on my journey.  

Stay tuned for some new beginning pics!  It will be interesting to see if getting rid of this Mirena really will make a difference.  Do any of you have Mirena?  Do you like it or have you had issues?


  1. Good for you Amber!! I'm so happy to see that you on getting motivated again. Maybe it is the Mirena? What if you get knocked up? THATS not good for weight loss! haha!! I'm behind you 1000000%%

  2. I can relate to the scale not moving. I hit a plateau that lasted 4 months. Keep up the hard work and you don't give up!