Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weigh in

So after the crawfish boil on Saturday my eating was pretty horrendous on Sunday. I was so tired and didn't really feel too great. I ate lots of carbs and drank 2 sodas. I never drink sodas! So I did not weigh in on Monday because I forgot. Seriously, I did, I promise. So my weight today was 153...pretty much exactly where it has been for the past week and a half. Oh well, I have not been feeling great lately. I really think I may be going through a little bit of a depression funk. I need to snap out of it but I just can't seem to. I really want a change for next year. I like my job, but something new would be exciting and closer to home would be awesome so that I can spend more time with my kiddos. I will just trust in the Lord and pray for the best. This is going to be a good week. My eating has already improved...

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  1. We all go through funks, esp. at the end of the year when all when can think about it SUMMER FUN! Chin up!