Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Candy

Between a birthday party with yummy cake and cookies and Easter candy, I have eaten my share or more of sweets.  My house is full of candy and Chad decided that he needed to make a cake last night so we have plenty to indulge in.  I don't know how I can get rid of it because Chad wants it here so he can eat it and Kaylee loves her candy.  That girl has the biggest sweet tooth I've ever seen.

I burned 1263 calories yesterday and still gained a pound.  I really did not eat too bad yesterday.  Breakfast was bad, but I had just finished running and I had all day to work it off.  Sometimes there just isn't anything you can do and apparently my body likes being the weight it is.  So, I will suck it up and get back on track today.  The only good thing about working is that my my options for food throughout the day are very limited.  I hope you had a great Easter!  Time to see if I can just throw out a little bit of candy each day without anyone noticing.      

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  1. I ate so much damn chocolate yesterday I gave myself a tummy ache. WTH? We are seriously separated at birth :) I envy you going to work, seriously, do you know how HARD it is to not eat when your home every freaking afternoon for hours?????? HARD! I'm going to HAVE to throw out the candy, I have zero will power.