Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The never ending cycle

Holy shit I cannot get any lower than 149 lbs.  I have tried it all and nothing will budge.  I am constantly moving up and down between 149 and 151.  It can be so frustrating at times and other times I'm ok with  just letting it be.  As you can probably tell, today is a frustrating day...oh well, now I'm moving on.

It is already so hot here and everyone that knows me will tell you that I love when it is hot and I can lay out by the pool.  The problem right now...there isn't a pool for me to lay out at.  I sure don't have one and all the public pools don't open until memorial weekend.  Man, that feels like forever away and I need a tan asap.

I have been going on long runs Sunday morning and focusing on weights during the week.  The runs have been nice and my soreness after them is getting better.  I stay sore for the day, but it has gotten so much better than the first run when I could barely walk for the next 3-4 days.  OUCH! I really am trying to focus on building muscle and getting toned, which is probably why the scale is not budging.  I am going to give myself until the beginning of May to lose some inches and then I'm going to do my measurements again to see if there is a change since the scale is not showing one.  I just want to get rid of the flab.  Two babies sure do make the flab appear and it is a B@%$& to get rid of.

Ready or not swimsuit season is just around the corner!  Any tips for getting toned quick?  


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  1. Oh my God, me too!!!!!! Just this morning I was like EFF THAT DEVIL SCALE! I swear somedays Im ok with it others Im like REALLY JUST GIVE ME A DAMN POUND :) Make sure you are upping your weights {Ive been using 10 to 12 pounds for my upper body} and to drink a proetin drink after you lift!