Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back to the real world

We survived our virus infected trip to GWL.  I am so tired of my boys being sick.  Being a woman makes you tough and just get through it, but boys are a completely different story.  My big boy turns into a baby and my little boy is just sick and I feel bad for him.  L had a fever the whole weekend despite the antibiotics we started him on Friday night and I guess Chad has the same thing.  I was up all night with L at the hotel Saturday night while Chad came home and slept.  I think I slept an hour total.  It made for a really long day on Sunday.

On the other hand, our trip was pretty good.  I will definitely take them back when they are older and can ride all of the rides.  They have a cool kid area, wave pool, and lazy river that Kaylee enjoyed.  They had a little coloring area, arcade, and story time as well.  K really liked it and wants to go back.

I did pretty good with my eating while there.  We went out for mexican food on Saturday night and I had the soup and only a few chips.  Sunday morning I felt "hungover" due to the lack of sleep so the eating went down the drain all day on Sunday.  I was horrible.  I had a big cinnamon roll for breakfast, Fudruckers for lunch, and ramen for dinner along with lots of girl scout cookies.  How much salt can one person ingest in one day?  My goodness....

Now that I have a bazillion cookies in my house, it makes it hard to get back on track.  I gained 3 pounds over the weekend so I really need to get them back off.  I have to stick to my diet this week and hit the gym.

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  1. Ohh no, so sorry you had such a long night!! Don't worry those damn GS cookies got me too :) Hoping for a better week for you!!