Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2012

Well, it is a new month, new blog background, and new weather.  I have taken the kids outside to play each night because it has been so pretty, but I know that sooner rather than later it is going to be too damn hot to do anything outside.  I have to enjoy it now!  The problem with it being so pretty outside is that my plans of working out in the evening get crushed and set aside because I would rather sip some wine and play with the kiddos than hit the gym.  I have to stay I took some march pics and did some measurements.  I thought I threw away my measurements from the beginning of December, but I was surprised to find them.  So here are my comparisons.  

December    March

Arms:  10 5/8 in.   10 1/2 in.
Chest:  37 in.  35 in.
Waist:  30 1/4 in.  29 in.
Hips:  37 1/4 in.  36 in.
Thighs:  22 in.  21 1/4 in. 

Some are very slight changes, but hey a change is a change and none of them went up.   I feel the exact same, my weight is the exact same, and my clothes fit the exact same so I really wasn't expecting anything.  Definitely still have lots of work to do and I need to get my butt back in gear.    


  1. You are looking so damn skinny!! Love it!!!! Keep up the hard work!!

  2. Girl you look awesome! I'd die for your stomach right now :) Great job even if the scale isn't moving too much!