Monday, December 9, 2013

21 Weeks So let's catch up

 Aren't they so cute in their Thanksgiving outfits?  I love them so much!  We went to Austin for Thanksgiving to visit the in-laws.  It was a short trip, but it was nice to get away for a day. Unfortunately, we had to come back on Friday so I could write my remaining papers and finish up my other documentation to end my internship.

Today, I am getting out in the ice to drive an hour + to turn in my remaining assignments for my internship.  Woohoo!  Once they are in, I will officially be done with my Masters.  I am super excited.

We've had lots of ice in DFW and have I told you that I love the cold?  I am probably one of the few... As soon as I get tired of the cold, it warms up and vice versa.  This is why I love living in Texas.  I get the extreme heat and cold throughout the year.

The ice the past few days has caused me to remain inside, but I have enjoyed it.  It has been great just laying around, watching movies, and eating cookies with no school or work worries.   There are no assignments waiting to be completed or books to read.  Although, I am starting to go crazy being cooped up inside all day.  I was hoping to return to school today.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.

 Chad got the kids out to play in the ice.  They loved it and didn't want to come back inside.

And last, but not least, we found out we are having a beautiful baby girl!  My gut instinct told me girl from the beginning, but for a couple weeks before we found out I was starting to lean towards boy.  I don't know if it was because everyone else thought it would be a boy or what.  Chad told me on the way to the doctor that he would love for it to be a boy, but was positive it would be a girl.  I think he was a little disappointed when we found out.  I had no preference at all.  I thought of a million pros/cons to both so it really didn't matter to me.  I'm thrilled to be able to buy some girl stuff again and to know that she is healthy.  Now if only I can keep the high blood pressure away for this entire pregnancy.  

I hope you are all enjoying your December!  I need to start Christmas shopping soon...


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