Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Normal pain or something to worry about

I'm only 22 weeks pregnant with this little one, but I feel like I'm 38 weeks along.  I'm not complaining about my pregnancy pains because I feel blessed to carry this little girl, but this is more out of concern and logging all that has happened.

My tummy/pelvic area have been so uncomfortable since about 16 weeks.  I get sharp pains, pinching, and pressure, but figured she was laying weird or digging a foot into my pelvis.  So I've went about my business like normal.  Last week, I had a day where I could not walk without a sharp pain on one side of my low abdomen and back, so I taught my classes sitting.  Good thing I teach older kids and can just work the problems sitting on my stool with the use of my ELMO.  Again, didm't think much of it.

This weekend, I decided I had to get back into going to the gym so Saturday I went and walked briskly for 30 minutes with hills on the treadmill and then did some lower body weights.  I was sore for the rest of the day.  My lower abdomen, vagina, and back were sore/painful.  I figured, it has to do with the work out and my body hasn't had to do anything in months.  I went back to the gym Sunday to work out the soreness.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then lifted weights.  The elliptical felt much better because I didn't have as much pressure bouncing on my pelvis.  As the day went on, the soreness/pain got worse.  Yes, I'm definitely taking it easy with my workouts.  I'm not pushing myself very hard because I want to slowly get back into a routine.

I took Monday off to "recover." Actually, I just want to make sure all the pressure and pain I've been feeling is really from the work outs and not something else I should be concerned about.  I'm going to see how work goes today and if I feel fine, then I will hit up the gym today after work.  I'm really hoping it is just my body adjusting to working out again.  I wouldn't be as concerned if I hadn't had so much pain other days without working out.

I would never do anything to jeopardize this pregnancy.  Has anyone felt so much pain after working out while pregnant?  Is it normal?  Any feedback would be great....

FYI- I will contact my doctor if it doesn't get better.  

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