Tuesday, November 19, 2013

18 Weeks with Baby No. 3

how far along? 18 weeks
how are you measuring? She didn't check my measurement at my 16 week appointment.
size of baby? about half a pound and 6 inches or the size of a mango according to "What to expect."
heartbeat? 150 bpm (I have a doppler and I use it pretty regularly) 
total weight gain/loss? Apparently I overdid the workout last Monday because I could barely walk for the rest of the week.  I have a busy week this week so I'm not sure if I'm going to make it to the gym.  My classes are winding down which means lots of papers to write and submit.  2 more full weeks with Thanksgiving in the middle and then I'm finished with Grad School.  Yay!  I Can. Not. WAIT.  
sleep? I always sleep well.  I wake up a lot on my back and then have to flip to my side.  Flipping over is getting harder to do.  Megan suggested her body pillow.  She said it is amazing, so I might need to bite the bullet and buy one.
food cravings? Nothing special this week.  
gender predictions? I go back and forth ever day.  I have no clue.  A healthy, happy baby is really all I care about.  
What I'm feeling:  I thought there were a few times last week that I felt some flutters and kicks, but I'm not positive that is what it was.  Either this baby is really chill or I'm just not feeling anything because I have an anterior placenta blocking it all.  Kaylee was pretty mellow the entire pregnancy so this one may be more like her.     
How are the other kiddos?  They are so freaking cute and I cannot get enough of them.  They are getting so big and I know this one is going to grow so quickly also.  I'm just trying to enjoy every moment with them and this last pregnancy.