Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The beach, young love, and summer routines

I can't believe I haven't had the chance to blog about going to South Padre for my little brothers wedding almost 2 weeks ago.  The last few weeks are sort of a blur, but that is changing every day.
The drive to South Padre was one I was really dreading for two reasons.
1- I HATE being in the car.  So much so, that one year I went skiing with my parents in Colorado and we drove.  I showed up early that morning, took some over the counter sleeping pills, and slept the next 12 hours. My parents thought I was hungover.
2-You know I have two kids, right.  Enough said.
We left Wednesday night and drove half way to San Antonio and then got up early the next morning and drove to Padre.  We stopped at the store, picked up lunch and beer, and headed to the beach.

Kaylee and Lucas loved the beach and had a blast playing every day.
My sister flew out Thursday night so I had a good time being able to hang out with her and my brother.
Saturday was the wedding and my beautiful little girl was so excited to be the flower girl.  She loved every minute of it and did an awesome job.  
The ceremony was on the beach and beautiful.  After, we headed to a local restaurant for the reception. We waited a while for the bride and groom as they went and changed.
Aren't they cute?
 Love these two.
 We had a long drive back on Sunday.  Luckily, other than a quick 5 minute melt down, my kids did great.

Now it's summer time!

We are getting into our summer routine which is...
4:15am Mommy school work stuff.
6ish Breakfast and cartoons.
Gym Time
Pool Time
Play outside

Have I mentioned how much I love summer? Oh, about a million times?  Okay I will stop talking about it so that those of you who work year round won't hate me.
I will leave you with the downside of summer...This little man gets attached even more to mommy and his attitude sky rockets when he only wants me and no one else.
He's still cute when he is angry.

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