Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thank God it is Summer Time

I feel a sense of relief that summer is finally here.
I still have a shit ton of coursework, but I just feel better.
I really don't want to spend my entire summer stressed, but when you have professors that like to think you are only taking their class it makes it hard.
There were some people talking online about our course load this summer and one of the professors chimed in with, "you can get through it, I completed 21 hours one semester."
I don't know about y'all, but that didn't help.
All it did was explain why she gives so much busy work.
And made me want to reply with a  big eff you.
I just keep telling myself that these are my last 3 classes because the fall will mainly be my internship.

With all of that stress and other stress I have had with work, kids, and life in general I have managed to gain even more weight.
About 5 additional pounds (remember I had already gained about 8)
My muscle is gone, which is the worst part.
I felt great before we went on our cruise in March.
It was the first time I felt like I could really see all of my hard work and muscles.
I kept telling myself that I would never go back.
But, yet again, here I am.
It is a vicious cycle that I am so tired of.
Good news, is that I can workout every day this summer and it is veggie/fruit season.
So it will all taste delicious.
My kids love going to the gym so it will be a nice 2 hour break from them every day while they run off some energy.
It is also pool time.
I love the sun and water and it tends to help me eat less naturally.
I'm not proud of what I look like right now in a bathing suit, but it will have to do while I get back on the horse.

There is my rambling this morning about my thoughts.
It has been a while since I have really blogged (again the stress).
It feels good to write it all out and share with you.
I'm going to spend some time catching up on some of my favorite blogs.
I've felt so out of the loop :)


  1. I would totally go to the gym for two hurs too just to get a break from whining and crying! In fact, I think that's a big reason I started running bc it was just ME time only.

  2. I love summer too!!! And yes naturally I eat less but cocktails seem to find me WAY more often in the warm weather, lol! Good luck with your coursework! Id live to go back to finish my degree.