Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Already over?!?!

It seems like just yesterday summer was beginning and now I only have 4 weeks left of my little vaca before school officially begins again.  I'm excited for the upcoming year since I will be at a new school, but nervous because I don't know anyone.  I hope there  are other teachers my age that I can easily talk to and maybe make some new friends.  It will be a new beginning.  
One of the things I wanted to accomplish this summer was getting into really good shape....and well obviously that shape has turned out to be of a more round shape. LOL  I have gained 10 lbs this summer!  Not good when I got rid of most of my work clothes at the end of the year because they were too big.  Like I said it will be a new start and I want to begin with new clothes.
Therefore, I have 4 weeks to get this 10 lbs off and maybe a few more so that I can buy some new clothes that aren't in the same size I got rid of.
I have been watching my calories and working out for the past week and have only lost 1 pound...ugh!!! It really sucks, but I don't really care about the scale as much as wanting to buy smaller clothes so I'm not going to let the scale number get me down.  I'm going to continue to work out everyday and keep focusing on toning and getting rid of the flab.
Any ideas on where to get some cute, professional, young, cheap, and good quality work clothes?  I've been looking online and can't find too much.  I am not going shopping until the beginning of August when the kids will be in school. That is not a trip I want to take with would be more frustrating than productive.
I have pinned some outfits on pinterest and it seems like I just need some staple articles of clothing and then mix and match them to make lots of different outfits.  I would love some suggestions of places to go if you have any!    

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  1. I can't believe summer is almost over :( It went SO FAST! I usually have good luck at Marshalls!