Friday, July 13, 2012

Running with kids sucks!

Yesterday I decided to be brave and take my kiddos on a little jog.  I needed exercise and out of the house or they were going to drive me nuts. 
I always forget why I don't just put them in the stroller and take off, until I get out there and it all comes back to me.  It is sort of like having a are all excited and ready for the pain to see your beautiful baby, then once it starts you are asking yourself why you chose to do it again.  Then you take one look at their precious face and you forget all over again. 
That would describe my love hate relationship with putting the 60+lbs of kid in the stroller and running.  First, it is so much harder to run pushing them. Second, I have K asking me a bazillion questions and if I don't answer she just gets louder and louder.  Third, L only lasts about 20 minutes and then he screams and yells forever.
With all of that, I get totally frustrated during my run, but for some reason I still feel pretty good after so I'm sure I will forget how bad it was and do it all over again.  
Although, it may be a while because I was frustrated and thinking what the hell when BAM I rolled my foot all weird.  It isn't my ankle, it is like my inner foot.  I have done it before and couldn't run for a couple of weeks and I'm pretty sure it is going to be the same this time because for 2 days I have barely been able to walk. 
This sucks!  

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  1. Oh geez, sorry about your foot!! Your a better woman than me, I wouldn't even try to run with 2 kids :)