Sunday, August 12, 2012

Same Shit different day...

So, I have not really been posting any blogs lately because it is still the same ole' shit, different day.  Who wants to hear about the same thing everyday?  So I won't put you through the same whining and blah blah blah.  

I will tell you that I'm back on track and have gone back to "clean" eating.  Last time I was clean eating, I had the greatest amount of change with my body so why not do what works, right?  The biggest challenge for me with clean eating is being prepared.  If I don't have all of the ingredients or stuff to snack on then I just eat whatever.  I cleaned out some old stuff from my pantry and frig, but not everything...that would be way too much money wasted.  Plus, I know my kids and hubs will eat them.  

Since I must go back to work this week, womp womp womp, I have to start meal planning ahead of time and prepare some recipes early to make the weeknights a little less hectic.  My little one wants to eat right when we get home and if I give him snacks, then he refuses to eat dinner.  

When I find good recipes, I will post them for ya and spare you from the bad ones.  Sometimes "clean" is not too tasty.


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  1. I really need to focus on meal planning and eating better!!