Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review of 2013

I'm always a day late and a dollar short...
Here is our 2013 review.  It was an awesome year!

This little munchkin turned 2!  
We had a little celebration at his school.
 Kaylee officially started to button her uniform shirts all by herself.  
 We went to the Chinese Lantern Festival with our friends.
This little diva turned 4.  Such a big girl!
 We celebrated at Chuck E Cheese.

 We kicked off Camping for the year.  It was cold, but still fun.

More camping with Mimi and Papa.
Always have to make s'mores.
Chad and I went on a fabulous cruise to Belize, Honduras, and Mexico.
It was 7 awesome days of relaxation and my first time snorkeling. 

 We celebrated Easter.

We celebrated a couple birthdays.  

 Had a crawfish boil with our friends.
Attended my little brother's wedding in South Padre.  
Since we were there, we spent a few days on the beach.  
 Me and my sister.
This little guy gets worn out and sleeps where ever he feels. (on the stairs)
 Dressed up for Princess day at school.
She is so precious.
Beginning of summer!
Lots of time at the gym and at the pool with these two cuties.  
More camping.
 Someone finally is completely potty trained.  
 Attended a wedding in Austin.  

 Trips to the park to feed the ducks and play with Mimi.
 Movies and popcorn.
 More swimming at the pool.
Lots of jumping on the trampoline
 4th of July party with friends.
 More camping.
 Petting zoo at school.
 By this time she was swimming like a fish.  
No more floaties.
Date Night before school started again.
My sister turned 27!
Halloween at the school festival.

 Out to celebrate daddy's 34th bday.
 Trip to Yesterland Farms with friends.

Announced the upcoming arrival of Baby Number 3.

Thanksgiving at Gramma and Granddad's.
 Making homemade donuts at Mimi's house.  

Found out Number 3 is a healthy baby Girl!

I turned 31 and graduated with my Master's degree!
Celebrated Christmas with family.
Stayed in when an ice storm hit.  

Wow this post has a lot of pictures...I just couldn't decide on only a couple.  
This year has been amazing and we are looking forward to 2014!  

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  1. I love a post with a bunch of pictures! Looks like 2013 was a great year!