Monday, October 28, 2013

15 Weeks Baby No. 3

how far along? 15 weeks
how are you measuring? I was measuring 14 weeks at my 12 week 4 day appointment.  
size of baby? size of an avocado
heartbeat? 150 bpm (I have a doppler and I use it pretty regularly) 
total weight gain/loss? I'm not going on a "diet", but now that I am feeling better I am planning on really trying to force myself to eat lots of veggies and fruit.  I can already feel my hands and feet swell some nights.  I also want to start walking/jogging in the mornings now that my energy is starting to come back some.  (6 more weeks of grad school!)
maternity clothes? I'm wearing both so that I am comfortable.  I hate feeling stuffed in my clothes.  
sleep? I always sleep well.  I am pretty lucky in the fact that my bladder can hold a lot of pee and even though it is completely full I can usually hold out until the morning before it wakes me up.  
food cravings? Nothing special this week.  
gender predictions? My initial instinct when I found out I was pregnant was a girl.  It has been right with the other two so I'm curious to know if it is right again.  The heartbeat is lower like Lucas had.  I had my first gender dream this week and it was a little girl.  I go back and forth. I already have a beautiful little girl and sweet little boy so I really don't have a preference for this one.  I just want a happy and healthy baby.  Our 20 week appointment is scheduled for Nov. 27th so we will find out then.  
What I'm feeling: I had someone ask me today if I am expecting.  This was the first time that I didn't have to tell someone.  It made this whole pregnancy a little more "real," but at the same time made me think...OMG I shouldn't be showing yet and Ugh...I need to lose some weight.  I know it sounds stupid because I AM expecting so I should be happy to show, but it still bothers me because I'm only 15 weeks.  Don't get mad at me...I'm just being honest and I can't really tell you exactly why it is bothering.  I am truly blessed to be carrying this baby and I don't want people to take it like I am being ungrateful.  I'm not.  I am super excited about this baby and I cannot wait to hold it and love it.  God has chosen me and I am honored to be given another child.  It is okay to have insecurities and this weight gain issue is one of mine.  
How are the other kiddos?  Kaylee insists this baby is a girl while Lucas thinks it is a boy.  They are both so sweet and talk about the baby all the time.  Last week when I picked up Lucas from his class, his teacher poked her head into the hallway and said, "Lucas told us today that you have a baby in your belly.  Is it true?"  I laughed and confirmed.  Silly boy is telling people before I do.  

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