Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving did me in...

Yes, I over indulged on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Saturday, and lets not forget Sunday.  Oh well, it was great and I loved hanging out with my family while eating and playing games even if I gained oh about 5 lbs.  

So, Sunday I made  a workout routine that I started Monday and will go through to the end of December.  I am determined to stick with it because I know my eating will probably not be great for Christmas either.  I purposely have it very gradually getting harder each week and starting fairly easy for a couple of reasons.  1.  If it takes a lot of time during the work week, I make lots of excuses and don't do it.  2. If  I push myself too hard right at the beginning, I get too sore and then I won't work out for a few days...and a few more...and a few more... you get the picture.  I'm lazy and look for any excuse not to do it.  

So, I have it set to do squats, lunges, push ups, crunches...and more on Monday's and Wednesday's.  Then, I will complete short runs (about 3 miles each) on Tuesday's and Thursday's with a longer run on Saturday's.  I really want to do it every day this month (December) just to prove to myself that my body can really improve with these small workouts for 1 month.  I tend to push myself too hard when I work out and then i complete less of them and stop all together.  I know that consistency will make the biggest difference.  

So, as of this morning I am 152.8...still above where I was before Thanksgiving, but it is starting to come off.  Do you have any big work out plans or plans for the holiday's?  I still need to figure out what we are going to do for New Year's.  I'm hoping my parents will watch the kiddos so we can enjoy the evening with some good friends.      

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  1. I think your plan is awesome, starting small is the best way to go! I'm in for new years, who else would I ring in a new year with :)